'WOOD' at Gallery 263: A Must See Show

'WOOD' at Gallery 263: A Must See Show

Gallery 263 is becoming a tour de force with exhibitions like "Wood"

It was well past dark last week when we came across the art gallery on the corner of Pearl and Putnam Streets, blazing with light and color from within. My film editor Alan Verly and I had just finished shooting stills and video at the Cambridgeport Baptist Church for two upcoming Neighbor Media projects. We were beyond tired and anxious to get home but the welcome light, the warmth of wooden shapes, and the sheer flamboyance of color against the cold and darkness outside was just too good to ignore. Seconds inside the door, a warm sense of sensory wellness washed over us.

‘Wood’ at Gallery 263 http://gallery263.com/index.php is curated by Danforth Museum of Art Excecutive Director Katherine French. It is an outstanding exhibition of wood cuts, wood art and furniture, wood as fetish object, wood as a seductive natural element of striking beauty worthy of photographing; wood as a substrate for layering other materials on top of, wood as sculpture and as wood as building material.

According the Gallery 263 website. http://www.gallery263.com/artist.php. French has “curated numerous exhibitions focused on historical and contemporary expressionism. In 2007 she received an award for curatorial excellence from the New England chapter of the International Association of Art Critics, and was named Best Curator of Locally Made Art at the 2010 Boston Art Awards. “

But the reason to go is the work. The variety of the human love affair with wood --both in an elemental sense and as a material of nearly infinite possibility and responsiveness -- is on full display in this show.

Gallery 263 has been quietly building its reputation beyond that of a neighborhood art gallery in the last two years. The ‘Wood’ exhibition takes the gallery to a whole new level. I spoke briefly to Gallery 263’s Program coordinator Julia Kirchmer, who told me the selection of wood as a theme coordinates with Gallery 263’s fifth anniversary; wood is a traditional material for a fifth anniversary gift.
The level of work can best be described in three words: “Go see it.”
But hurry. “Wood” a juried exhibition, is on display through January 4.
Gallery 263 Is at 263 Pearl Street. Corner of Pearl and Putnam Avenue, in Cambridgeport