Join Teen Mohammad Sayed in Supporting CCTV

Join Teen Mohammad Sayed in Supporting CCTV

Youth Media Program participant raises over $1000 for CCTV this month!

  • Posted on: 23 December 2013
  • By: Clodagh

Dear Family and Friends,

My name is Mohammad Sayed. Some of my homework over the Thanksgiving break was to thank and be thankful to kind people like all of you, and to share our stories. My story is about Cambridge Community Television, a place that made my dream of becoming a filmmaker come true.

In 2009, I moved to Cambridge from Afghanistan. About two years ago I could not believe what I read on the Mayor's Summer Youth Employment application. There was a quick description and explanation of CCTV. I rushed to my mom in the kitchen and showed her the description. I said, "Really, this is a place where I can use professional cameras and get training from adult experts." She was very happy to see me this excited.

CCTV is better then Hollywood. Everything at CCTV is free and you have all the equipments that you need to become a professional filmmaker. I am in the Youth Media Program and have made many films. I learned how to use all of the field cameras and studio equipment and software like Final Cut X, and Motion. I learned the importance of telling a story to other people, and how to visually communicate the problems of our community. Most importantly, at CCTV we are like family. It is a safe and happy place to be. I feel very lucky and very happy to be a part of CCTV.

I am telling you my story because CCTV is a non-profit organization and needs your support. They provide so much to people in our community but they need your help too. This year I decided that I wanted to help CCTV the way they helped me so I have raised $800 so far.

CCTV's goal is to educate the public and make the dream of people like me come true. They are doing this every day for hundreds of people in our city. I hope you will make a donation to them to show your thanks for all that they do.

Thank you very much,


Join Sayed in supporting CCTV by making a donation today!


Syed, you are amazing! Thank you very much for your spirit, and your generosity. Beverly