Posted by tonibee on Nov 1, 2007.

Bee's Blog - An 'Enormous' DJ

ArtsCentral 2007 is an event that merges art and business to create two days of colorful shopping in Central Square Cambridge. Check out the photo's this NeighborMedia producer snapped as she tried to "See Art in Everything": Mo Nunez, DJ Mozart, is a teacher who hails from the Dominican Republic. This is a shot of him at ArtsCentral. He rocks the Enormous Room in Central Square and other spots from time to time.Hi Mr. Nunez, tell me your name again?
My name is Mo and I go by DJ Mozart 212. And you bust your move where?I do the Uptown Hustle at the Enormous Room, 2nd and last Thursday of the month. What are we listening to? Fela Kutay And today you're reppin’ ArtsCentral in front of where? Radio Shack
More photo's of ArtsCentral 2007 are soon to come...and do Be Artful