Share Your BeLive on CCTV's Website - Rip from DVD

Share Your BeLive on CCTV's Website - Rip from DVD

  • Posted on: 16 June 2009
  • By: Colin

Follow these steps to convert your BeLive DVD recording to a file you can upload to the web and share on our website.

Step 1: Rip Your DVD

* Insert DVD and launch MPEG Streamclip from Applications
* MPEG Streamclip > File > Open DVD
* Fix Timecode breaks (if necessary)
* File > Export to MPEG-4

Use these Compression Settings in MPEG Streamclip

* Select Compression > H.264 & Multipass
* Quality > 100%
* Limit Data Rate: 1200
* Sound: MPEG-4 AAC > Mono > 44.1kHz > 256kbps
* Frame Size: 640x480 4x3
* Deselect for Progressive Movies > Select Deinterlace Video
* Click "Make MP4"
* Rename file, select Desktop (from drop down list) and click "Save"
* Estimated time of completion: 30 minutes

Step 2: Upload Your BeLive to

* Visit and sign in (if you have an account)
* Click "Upload" > "Web Upload" at top of page
* Enter Title & Description
* Click "Browse" to select "Your File"
* Scroll to bottom of page and select "Upload!"
* Estimated time of completion: 30 minutes

Step 3: Share Your BeLive at

* Log in to or create an account at
* Click on "Create new post" > "Blog entry"
* Add "Title" & "Body" or copy and paste the text from your entry at
* In the "Video Link" field enter the URL for where your video is located on (e.g., the URL should like similar to this:
* Under "Subject" choose one or more terms from the list
* Click on "Save" when finished

Click here here to learn how to share your BeLive show by downloading it from CCTV's website.

Video above: "Say It In Your Own Words" BeLive produced by Sharon Stentiford with guest Wilder Etienne (Bodega)