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The Slow Motion Video Festival: Dec 4!

The Slow Motion Video Festival: Dec 4!

  • Posted on: 28 November 2005
  • By: sean

Pass the Robitussin! The Slow Motion Video Festival will be dragging its tortoise-like feet across the east coast for three spellbinding dates and will visit Cambridge Community Television on Dec 4 from 8-10PM (+/- a ten minute intermission). If you don't already know, you can find us on Prospect St in Central Square, doors will open at 8PM and admission is free with a recommended 3 dollar donation.

SLOMO VIDEO is a unique creative collaboration of video artists and filmmakers from around the world. We put out an open call on the internet for submissions in April 2005 and accepted video works of slow motion, exactly one minute in length. The submissions have been honed down to the best 120 and the theatrical experience of so many slow motion pieces has been compared to full-on zen state... imagine an audience mesmerized by essential moments of reality that we rarely "see" because our eyes and mind don't flicker that fast. This project dives into the global epidemic of hastiness with the desire to pause and examine reality in its primitive bare units.

About the Project
Remember when you were a kid and you could stare at ants crawling around for hours, or just space out and look at the ceiling or the patterns on the floor? SLOMO VIDEO is a recreation of that meditative place in the present. It is a video experience that isn't afraid to put a 78 record on at 33 1/3rd and kick back in a beanbag to ponder the mysteries of space and time.

How to Make Slow Motion Videos
Dave Cerf, a close friend of the festival and author of the Final Cut Pro 5 User Manual, recently wrote down his thoughts about how to use Final Cut Pro to create the effects of slow motion using standard consumer digital video cameras. The concepts discussed are the same for any video application, not just FCP. If you are curious at all how to accomplish this weird approach to filmmaking using technology to stretch out digital video, this is a great introduction.

Help Us Book the Festival for 2006
This mini-tour of the SLOMO VIDEO festival is a quiet sludgey little winter kick off. The festival fully intends to tour slowly throughout 2006. We could use your suggestions on venues and contacts in new towns. Please contact Ryan Junell if you've got the perfect place in mind.

Participating Filmmakers
The program includes many pieces by East Coast-based filmmakers: Lew Baldwin, Bec Stupak, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Sam Zimmerman, Yoshi Sedeoka, Joshua Dickens, Ed Purver, Randy Walters, Sean Effel, Meredith Benton, Ayala Abramovici, Richard Sherman, Max Nova, radar[theory], Corey Smith, Robert Koier, Nick Regalbuto, Melissa Cooperman, Chris Deaner, Raphael "Mudboy" Lyon, Andreas Ingoglia, Sam Cullman, Raafi Rivero, Bryan Christian, Polina Maliken, Zachary Robbins, Tyler Moore, C-trl Labs, David Last, John Goras, Lovid, Brian Perkins, David Redmon, Ashley Sabin, and Bart Leus. The program also includes notable entries from Matmos, H. H. Nobuku, Scott Arford, Jem Finer, A. Mark Liiv, James Matlosz, Virgil Porter, Bruce Bortin, Molli Amara Simon, Parke Gregg, Jules Beesley, Michael Nine, Michelle & Laura Dean, Pea Hicks, and Wiley Wiggins. These are just a few, the full list of participating filmmakers will be online soon.