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Senior Citizens Blogging Up a Storm

Senior Citizens Blogging Up a Storm

  • Posted on: 10 November 2005
  • By: cathy

This past weekend, USA Today ran an article about senior citizens and their blogs, and it was picked up today by the Boston Herald. It's slightly unfortunate they have to use the word "geezer" in the URL:, but get past that and you'll learn about the demographics, aspirations and accomplishments of these seniors. The article features several profiles.

Millie Garfield, Boston citizen and mother of eminent vlogger Steve Garfield, has a blog called My Mom's Blog by Thoroughly Modern Millie. She refers to herself as "eighty years young" and has lots of "link love" in the sidebar. Her posts are mostly in the first person, but sometimes Steve narrates on the vlog posts. She's a videoblogging 80-year-old--yeeha! Check out to view apple crisp recipes and video clips like "I Can't Open It, Again".

Mari Meehan from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, a young'un at 64, publishes a blog called Dogwalk Musings. Go to's filled with the thoughts that go through her head when she's out with her St. Bernard. As she puts it on her site, "I'm a misplaced animal nut with insatiable curiosity and an inate desire to find out what happened to common sense and the spirit of human kindness."

You can read about Canadian politics, skeptical views of modern media and all that good stuff at Ray Sutton, a 72-year-old from Vancouver, B.C., calls himself the "Oldest Living Blogger". That's not quite factual, but a nice title.

I think that title can be claimed by a different Ray. Ray White, a 92-year-old in Tennessee, publishes Dad's Tomato Garden Journal, There are lots of thoughts about agriculture and weather, among other topics. The print is large (and BRIGHT!), which can be a bonus to older readers. Commentators share fond memories of buying milk for 48 cents a gallon, and they seem to all call him "Dad". It's a feel-good blog.

Says 69-year-old JoAnn Hersh of Alexandria, Virginia, "Thanks for the vblog link; yep, it's amusing; at the same time I wonder where folks get the time to do all that writing...." Note: Mom, the word is VLOG and, actually, you should do one. Tell the world about your League of Women Voters meetings and how you beat up the guy who tried to take your purse on the way to work that one day.