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Princeton Server Group

Princeton Server Group

  • Posted on: 9 November 2005
  • By: cathy

The Princeton Server Group makes some pretty varied products and services--Video On Demand for educational systems, HD broadcast servers for PBS stations and, last but certainly not least, DV broadcast servers for PEG (public, educational and governmental) stations. CCTV isn't actually a PEG--we provide three channels of public programming, and the educational and governmental aspects are covered by other local stations. But anyway, we receive a small amount of programming from producers with access to PSG servers. These people send programs to their servers using FTP, and there the files sit to be downloaded and played back. It beats bicycling a tape from Princeton to Cambridge! The term "bicycling" doesn't necessarily mean two-wheeled transport; it just means sending a tape in a traditional manner such as mail, messenger, foot or car.

This is their site:

Here's an interesting and very detailed article about the history and development of PSG:

Here's a PBS station in New Jersey that has their servers:

This website has lectures from Princeton University and has recently started vodcasting. They upload files to a PSG servers, and also accept media this way:

Some of the stations in this consortium use their servers:


Hi Cathy,
Can you please email to me the names/URLs of the other stations in Cambridge that broadcast government and education content on your cable (mentioned on your blog)?

Also, how much of CCTV's content might be available (bicycled, FTP'd or otherwise) for use by our community TV center in Salisbury, MA?

Thanks much,
Lance Wisniewski
Executive Director,
Salisbury Community TV & Media Center