Posted by JulieAdler on Jun 3, 2009.

Social Networking for Seniors

I love this concept, and it seems the MyWay interface is somewhat user-friendly, but I still can't imagine my own grandmother in her late eighties grasping it. In her assisted living complex - which tends to be a step above a nursing home in terms of the level of its residents' faculties - the computers are very rarely used at all. I'd venture to guess that in this video when the woman is learning the photo function of the site, it's not her first time learning it.


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That’s amazing. I can’t imagine how can seniors do this social networking. But, I think that’s a great idea since today we are living in technology world. Old ages need also learn it. Old age is something most of us will face at some point. The great American author Mark Twain referred to old age as the worst "wanton insult" possible. Age is just a number – just because other people lump you in with seniors and consider you aged doesn't mean anything if you don't let it. Remember, George Foreman knocked Michael Moorer straight to the canvas and into being the butt of jokes at age 45. Age discrimination is becoming a problem, leading to personal loans for medical care. An urologist won't conduct PSA tests normally. (PSA is a compound, which is present in higher quantities in prostate cancer patients.) Some need debt relief well into old age.