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Bee's Blog

  • Posted on: 21 September 2007
  • By: tonibee

Hi Neighbor - a Media Journey...

Past few weeks, life has been full of interesting changes. And being a part of the Neighbor Media crew (the NM crew) has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of the journey. From interview to orientation I have been impressed by CCTV’s digital opportunities, the caring staff, and the diverse views of fellow NM journalists.

You know what the best part of being a NM journalist has been – saying Hi neighbor! Yeah my corny self was doin’ it anyway but the CCTV program has given me credence, and now maybe folk’ll start glancing at me like
Oh she is sane!

Now look here - this is my first time at bloggin’ and I’m slightly ol’ school so help a Sister if you see her messin’ up. Also Holler back, tell me what you think and mostly tell me what news affects you in your ‘hood! Remember to come to the Area 4 Pride Day on October 6th And always try to Be Right!

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Hey, Sister Bee, I am so glad that you can use your NeighborMedia status as an excuse to say hi to your neighbors! Your blog is simply right on, so don't feel shy about it!

Dear Susan,
Thank you for checking out my blog - and I was shy about it until an email from you (The E.D!!!) I will surely maintain and ead other blogs to stay hip!
Toni Bee

I can hear your voice coming through and that's what makes a good blog!