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Joining United Stations

Joining United Stations

  • Posted on: 20 October 2005
  • By: cathy

The moderator of a Yahoo! group called United Stations contacted CCTV and invited us to join in an experiment using the parts that will comprise Digital Bicycle. Essentially, Digital Bicycle will utilize BitTorrent technology using a Drupal server and it will allow MPEG4s to be transmitted. If you're not with me so far, what that means is that various clients will upload different parts of files allowing them all to share them. This will be at a resolution that supports high-quality video images.

So what we're talking about here is a system that would allow public access stations to share content with one another and form a syndication system of sorts. Digital Bicycle is still in Beta phase. Our moderator, from Manhattan Neighborhood Networks, has enlisted some folks from Davis, CA to Burlington, VT and several other places in between to use the program while creation is still in progress. We'll be loading Azureus (a BitTorrent client using Java) onto a dedicated computer and creating torrents of programming to share with one another. They'll be able to be downloaded onto your playback medium of choice, be it tape, DVD, etc.

You can check out the Digital Bicycle in its current phase.