Ant Documentary

Ant Documentary

"Ant People" is an 18-minute documentary about the quirky experts who study ants and the parallels between our society and theirs.

Ants, the world most prevalent insect, the weight of all of which outnumbers that of all non-human mammals, attract the intense interest of people from all walks of life.

The cast of characters includes hip myrmecologist artist Corrie Moreau, a Harvard University doctoral student who has been covering herself in biolgical and self-designed ant imagery since age 18; Stephan Cover, an enthusiastic pacifist who has been curator of the worlds largest ant collection for twenty years; Kari Ryder-Wilkie, a giddy Asian t-shirt designer who has spent the last 7 years studying the hundreds of ants she collected in the Tiputini Myrmecology Station in Ecquador; Mario Muscedre, ant brain specialist and BU doctoral candidate and others - you'll have to watch it to find out more!

United States


this fascinating video does not complete to 18 minutes but stops at the 12:45 mark