The Foundry Equation, Art + Community = Renewal

The Foundry Equation, Art + Community = Renewal

East Cambridge + Kendall Square, kids + adults, art + music, concrete + steel, past + future = awesome

Last week as I was gathering information, interest and support for my idea of the Foundry as a art/community/non profit serving kids of cambridge, I met with Lucy of Voltage cafe and she had a great idea... We sat down and outlined it, and with the help of Tim Toomey, who is introducing a resolution order today,

and the involvement of Rosangela from cafe Kafofo, here is what we’re planning:

On June 22nd, 2013, at the Foundry, corner of 3rd and Roger street, a unique event will take place

The Foundry Equation, Art + Community = Renewal

Uniting Cambridge and Cantabridgian in a unique Art Event.
Uniting area local contemporary art and kids’s art from Cambridge school.
Uniting through music. Let talk about the Foundry and make sure we make it a new center for the Arts, Non Profit serving our kids and our community.

We still need to help:
Art Teacher from Cambridge School... We need you, let us know if you can help.
Parents, Cantabridgians... We need you, let us know if you can help.

If you’re available, willing and ready to help:

Email Us: thefoundry’at’rsmep’dot’com

We're hoping for a huge turnout.

This is super short notice, so if we're going to be successful in making this happen, we're going to have to be very nimble and move quickly.  It's going to be very cool.

The Foundry Equation

art + community = renewal

East Cambridge + Kendall Square
kids + adults
art + music
concrete + steel
past + future

= awesome
We have an organizational meeting so won’t be able to attend but strongly encourage the city council to approve this resolution. We also encourage all of you to go and voice your support, for this amazing event, at the city council this afternoon at 5:30pm.

Lets Engage in our Community.