Programming Highlights: State Representative Candidates Forum, CCTV Closed For Memorial Day, & What's On This Week

Programming Highlights: State Representative Candidates Forum, CCTV Closed For Memorial Day, & What's On This Week

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  • Posted on: 21 May 2013
  • By: Chris

8th Suffolk District: State Representative Candidates Forum
- A debate, moderated by Brian Corr, between 8th Suffolk District State Representative candidates Josh Dawson and Jay Livingstone. The event was hosted by the Cambridge Ward Five Democratic Committee.
Airing this week:
Channel 8 - Saturday at 4:00 PM, Sunday at 6:00 PM, & Monday at 7:00 PM
Channel 9 - Saturday at 8:00 PM, Sunday at 9:00 PM, & Monday at 4:00 PM

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What's On This Week - Wednesday, May 22, 2013 to Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Channel 8

CCTV 25-Hour Production Marathon
- A compilation of the short films created in a special day-long production exercise and competition which took place on the weekend of Saturday, April 27, 2013, and Sunday, April 28, 2013, to celebrate CCTV's 25th anniversary.
Wednesday at 11:00 AM, Friday at 9:00 PM, & Sunday at 9:00 AM
Angel7Productions - News & Entertainment
- "Norfolk Street Evacuation - The Longest Day On Earth 2013". Angel Aiguier chronicles events on the day of the evacuation of Norfolk street - starting at 6:30 AM on Friday, April 19, 2013. Produced by Angel Aiguier.
Airing this week Thursday at 8:30 AM, Saturday at 3:00 PM, Sunday at 7:00 PM & Tuesday at 10:00 AM
Far From Afghanistan
- Five accomplished, politically progressive filmmakers come together to raise the collective consciousness about the U.S. war in Afghanistan, officially the longest war in U.S. history. Produced by John Gianvito.
Airing this week Thursday at 9:30 AM, Sunday at 3:00 AM, & Monday at 9:30 AM
FDR's Four Freedoms For Developing Nations
- Uche Ikpa discusses why Western nations should help developing nations adopt President Roosevelt's Four Freedoms so they can work towards being free of want by cultivating and developing their own resources. Produced by Uche Ikpa.
Airing this week Thursday at 1:00 PM, Friday at 9:30 PM, & Saturday at 11:30 AM
Massmouth Season IV: Story Slam Winners
- The winners of Massmouth Season IV face off with words at the Big Mouth Off - the final slam of the season. Produced by Paula Junn.
Airing this week Thursday at 2:30 PM, Saturday at 6:00 PM, & Sunday at 2:00 PM
Jimmy Tingle & The Battle For The Bottle Bill
- Jimmy Tingle hosts and presents a night of comedy, music, and conversation with elected officials and environmental activists from the Sierra Club and Mass Pirg regarding updating the current Bottle Bill in Massachusetts.
Airing this week Thursday at 10:30 PM, Sunday at 3:00 PM, & Tuesday at 7:00 PM
Innovation District Discussion Panel
- A panel of experts discusses the Innovation District, including Kendall Square. The Innovation District is nestled between Boston’s transportation gateways: abutting historic Boston Harbor, adjacent to Logan International Airport, and at the nexus of two major interstate highways. It also contains the largest tract of underdeveloped land in the city of Boston, an area with opportunity for growth, a strong existing knowledge base, and the ideal location for producing new ideas, new services and new products.
Airing this week Friday at 8:30 AM & Sunday at 5:30 AM
Jealous Clone
- A unique program featuring a music video followed by a discussion with three identical clones about the music video, spirituality, and religion. Produced by Wayne Robinson.
Airing this week Friday at 2:30 PM & Sunday at 2:30 PM
Muslim Athletic League - Men's Basketball 2013 Playoffs
- The Muslim Athletic League men's basketball 2013 season playoffs. The Muslim Athletic League is a registered 501(c)(3) open to all with the goals of bridging gaps and nurturing understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim youth and adults through sports and physical activities.
Saturday at 8:30 AM & Monday at 10:00 PM

Channel 9
NOTE: CCTV will be closed this Sunday, May 26, 2013 & Monday, May 27, 2013 for Memorial Day, so there will be no Live programming on Channel 9 on these days.

BeLive: Charles River Conservency
- Host Renata von Tscharner, the Founder and President of The Charles River Conservency, discusses and advocates for the renewal of the urban parklands along the river. Guests include elected officials from Cambridge and the state along with fellow civic leaders who speak about this amazing resource for Cambridge and its citizens.
Airs this Wednesday night and the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month at 5:30 PM
BeLive: Seniors Needed
- Host Robert S. Hurlbut discusses issues and topics of interest concerning the senior citizens of Cambridge.
Airs this Friday and the 4th Friday of every month at 4:00 PM
BeLive: Wisdom & Song
- Host and countertenor William Hamill sings and shares his love of music with the world.
Airs this Tuesday and the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month at 4:30 PM
BeLive: Insight with Reverend Roxann Hymon
- Host Roxann Hymon discusses matters of religion and spirituality.
Airs this Tuesday and the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM

Channel 96

Straighten Up To Attain The Correct Spiritual Attitude
- A roundtable discussion on Message from the All Divine Prophetic Healing given through his prophetess, Gabriele, on June 27, 1993. Produced and presented by Radio Santec
Airing this week Wednesday at 7:00 PM, Saturday at 10:00 AM, Monday at 8:00 AM, & Tuesday at 3:00 PM
Good Friday Commemoration
- St. Mary's Church in Cambridge, MA, presents a reenactment of Good Friday followed by a procession commemorating it.
Airing this week Wednesday at 1:30 PM, Thursday at 11:30 PM, Friday at 3:30 PM, Saturday at 3:00 PM, Sunday at 8:00 PM, & Tuesday at 11:30 PM
El Sabor de la Historia
- El viaje conmovedor de Jesús Garcia a través de la frontera entre México y Los E.E.U.U. por la región del Desierto Sonorense evidencia que las estrategias solidarias son las más enriquecedoras. Arraigado en el pasado y floreciente en el presente su Proyecto de los Arboles Frutales Históricos de Kino nos ofrece un sabor de los prometedores oasis en el desierto que él ayuda a cultivar.
Airing this week Wednesday at 11:30 PM, Thursday at 3:00 PM, Friday at 7:00 AM, Saturday at 12:30 PM, Sunday at 9:30 AM, & Tuesday at 1:30 PM
Muktir Gaan
- A program about the 1971 Bangladeshi Liberation War.
Airing this week Thursday at 10:00 AM & Tuesday at 9:30 AM
Durga Puja
- A program featuring the Hindu religious ceremony Durga Puja that celebrates the Hindu goddess Durga's defeat of the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura, thereby celebrating the victory of Good over Evil. Produced by Bishawjit Saha.
Airing this week Thursday at 11:00 AM, Saturday at 11:00 AM, Monday at 7:00 AM, & Tuesday at 10:30 AM
You Are Heirs To Selfless Love
- A Divine Prophetic Healing given on June 27, 2013 through translating the words of of Gabriele, a Prophetess and Spiritual Emissary, and including images of nature. Produced and presented by Radio Santec.
Airing this week Thursday at 3:30 PM, Saturday at 3:00 PM, Monday at 9:00 AM, & Tuesday at 7:00 AM

Short Films To Keep An Eye Out For
Short films and videos that are 10 minutes or less are scheduled randomly throughout the channels to give them more exposure and to entertain and enlighten our Cambridge audience in between our scheduled programs. Here are some of the short videos playing on our channels now:

"Fast Life" Behind-The-Scenes
- A behind-the-scenes look at a local music video for the song "Fast Life" by the rapper Raw Money including a sneak peek at what the finished product will look like.
Demonstration VS The Gap
- Christian Herold presents this NeighborMedia news story featuring the Bangladesh Workers Solidarity Network and supporters picketing and protesting The Gap in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA, on Saturday, May 4, 2013.
"Meet In Massachusetts" Promo
- Singer and songwriter Andrew Horn presents this promo video for his new single "Meet In Massachusetts" - a song which celebrates moving, living, and falling in love in Boston.
Demonstration Against Le Meridien Hotel
- A short video, produced by Christian Herold, documenting the demonstration by hotel workers with Unite Here Local 26 against Le Meridien Hotel on Thursday, April 4, 2013. The demonstration starts at Cambridge City Hall and marches down Massachusetts Avenue to Sydney Street.
Spy VS Spy
- Two opposing spies quarrel and harass each other in this fun short film produced by Tony Valentino.
Cambridge Candlelight Vigil: Boston Marathon Victims
- A picture montage accompanied by music of the candlelight vigil held on Wednesday, April 17, 2013, in commemoration of the victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Produced by Christian Herold.
Mt. Auburn Hospital Vigil: Marathon Bomber Manhunt
- Christian Herold interviews people involved in a vigil on Friday, April 19, 2013, outside of Mount Auburn Hospital after the Marathon bomber suspect was captured and brought there.
JAHSpirit Music Video - "Rastafari Soldier"
- A music video, produced by Angel Aiguier, for the song "Rastafari Soldier" by the Caribbean band JAHSpirit from their album Tough 'N Humble.

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