Live Below the LIne... Day four

Live Below the LIne... Day four

Well day four starts like the other days... I’m hungry.. Although now I’m use to it... At least it feels familiar... The one thing I notice

To those who already have offered support thx... the journey continues... this time, no city talk... just some ramblings... for fun..

Well day four starts like the other days... I’m hungry.. Although now I’m use to it... At least it feels familiar... The one thing I notice is my throat contracting when I’m hungry... Raising my pitch and tensing my voice... I sound angry... Although don’t really have energy to spend on angry... Water helps release the tension.

It would be easier if I could spend double the amount, $3/day... At least I would feel full all the time... Don’t know that I could eat healthy stuff... Vegetable, fruits, meat... But at least I wouldn’t be hungry, my mind wouldn’t wonder what my next meal will be...

If you didn’t know yet... (follow links I posted earlier) we waste 40% of our food production.

A pack of cigarettes cost $7 on average... A six pack of beer same thing... A bottle of wine $13... Lottery ticket, ah lottery tickets... From $1 to $20 per ticket... Am I over consuming... Should I really allow myself over consumption when so many cannot even feed themselves. Why does it seems such an absurd concept to even ask the question? (Funny, not really, tomorrow, and the rest of the weekend I know I’ll indulge, strong of my good deed, maybe too much)

There is a glaring absurdity in the way I see myself and the rational which allows me to consume the way I do. Should everything be a competition? Does the rational of free market make sense at all levels?
I can already hear it, little devil is popping on top of my right ear, this is a dangerous questions, against the system. For some reason the last few days have brought Huxley’s Brave New World at the forefront of my thoughts. The drugs, the perfect body, the perfect us, the omnipresent ‘reality’. The categorization of humanity. The mere fact of marginality being a crime. We live in a society where only violence seems to generate a will for action. Do these correlate?

Why is it I have to spend a week making myself aware of extreme poverty... And what about poverty... Or simply getting many of us are they? Who can barely afford to live. I often hear, this is the best we’ve been able to do... I think it’s very hard when you have to think of not having... And very easy when you don’t have to think at all... I remember at some point in my life, I though I have to make money so I don’t have to think about it...

Although I read we’re making progress fighting poverty, how come it’s such a side topic. It’s all around us, it’s violent, it’s destructive ... It’s poverty... Why don’t we take care of this? It’s ‘funny’ to think that ideology is more important than the humans from which it emanates. It’s the bigger than us, it’s ideology, a representation of the ‘majority’ whatever that is. Ideology might be the relative god.

Being hungry doesn’t leave a very good taste in the mouth... It doesn’t make you look at the world with a will to participate... Only to have what you don’t have. To do whatever it takes to try to get it... While the ones you want to take it from, they’ll fight you with all their might, making sure you don’t get it... Because it’s theirs...

Unfortunately resources are limited, but I don’t understand limits very well... It’s quite a hard and abstract concept... My mind always seems to tell me I can do anything, only to have my body tell me otherwise, if I try...