Producer Profile - Yves St. Pierre

Producer Profile - Yves St. Pierre

Yves St. Pierre is a familiar face around CCTV, and in his time at the station he has been a student, a volunteer and is currently the producer of both a BeLive show and an hour-long series program, Tele Lakay. Throughout his time at CCTV, Yves has defined himself as someone who has a true passion for producing media.

Get to know Yves better in this short video, and tune in to both the hour-long Tele Lakay (Wednesdays at 7pm or Fridays at 10pm on Ch. 22) and the Belive: Tele Lakay show (1st & 3rd Sundays each month on Ch. 9).

United States


This is awesome! I salute you, Yves, for your passion and determination! I salute you, Eli, for recognizing that Yves is the personification of why and how public access tv is so necessary to certain communities. The Haitian community in this area has embraced public access tv, from the pioneering work of the producers of Telekreyol in Boston, and through more recent contributors such as Yves. Keep up the great work!