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Boston Marathon Eyewitness Update

Boston Marathon Eyewitness Update


April 15th bombings, perpetrated by misguided zealots, were an assault on both Boston and on the fraternity of runners who for 117 years have arrived for the marathon from all corners of the globe. As CIC community is connected with both populations it would be apt for those involved with the race to recall their experience in this blog . Many are already participating in fund drives and in memorial events, doing what they can to help support the hundreds of victims and their families.

The race was abruptly halted by a police cordon at Massachusetts and Commonwealth Avenues which sprang up at about 4:12 event time (approximately 2:50 pm) at the point when I was at a quarter mile from finish line . On pace to run 4:15, was fortunate not to have been faster and confronted explosions. Thousands of runners backed up along the course, standing dumbfounded in chilly air. Many suffered from hypothermia and needed medical care which was slow in arriving, while kind homeowners along the course offered shelter.

With ambulances racing by and police helicopters overhead runners managed to glean news reports from cell phones just as transmission was cut off by security agencies. Foreign runners, of whom there were thousands, were incredulous while American was duly discomfited.

Although there was confusion and disappointment, spirit was mainly positive and mutually supportive. More than hour went by before thermal blankets arrived and runners could walk or be bused forward to finish area. Post-race celebrations and major Boston events were canceled, center if city condoned off and public transit shut down. Local competitors sought out taxis to travel back home

Although the dreadful attack will leave a lasting imprint on the city and race, Bostonians along with marathoners will rally to overcome outrage and grief to return stronger in 2014. Interest in qualifying for next year’s race is reportedly at an all-time high.


Glad you are safe. Thanks for the news and the photo.
Mary H.

Andrew: My heart goes out to you for being so close. We are all shaken and will take time to heal. Thank you for reporting on this.