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Cooking for A Cause 2009

Cooking for A Cause 2009

I was very pleased to find myself on the Honorary Committee of East End House and as a result, invited to their annual fund raising gala, Cooking for a Cause, at the State Room atop 60 State Street in Boston.

East End House Is one of the few of the original Settlement House institutions still in existence. If you would like to read a short article about the settlement House Movement, click this link. East End House has been providing services to people in need for 134 years. It is one of the most important things in our part of the city. It really helps hold our neighborhood together. In addition to all of the great services that they provide, it is our community center. Senior citizens meet there in the morning. Almost everyone's kids have been in one or more of their programs. Our neighborhood group, the East Cambridge Planning Team meets there. Every fall, they host a neighborhood block party and an ice cream social for everyone.

The list of services offered by East End House is very impressive. Especially so considering that they only receive about 1% of their funding from the City of Cambridge.

That brings me back to the Cooking for a cause fundraising event that I attended last night. I don't know how much their budget was helped, but it was very well attended, and people were being generous at the auctions.The sponsoring restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries, and specialty food and wine vendors were being very generous too. It would not have been too hard to eat and drink the value of your ticket. I won't list all of the caterers, (you can find them through the link), but if you know the food scene in the area, you know that Cooking for a Cause was the place to be.

Most of the larger businesses located in the eastern part of Cambridge were represented along with several of the smaller ones. Conspicuously absent were representatives from the city. I did see councilor Toomey briefly, but that was all, and I practically had to tackle him to get a hello and a handshake. Ms. Fennimore and Mr. Harris from the Chronicle were in attendance.

This is an annual event, so keep it in mind for next year. If you can afford to support this great organization, you will have a very memorable evening.