The site plan for the re-design of Boston City Hall Plaza is base on a DIAGNOSIS of exactly why the specific parts of the plaza are underutilized by the daily users of the plaza. The DIAGNOSTIC procedure we used is as follows:

1) several on site observations , interviews and sketches were executed showing the facts of the situation . . . and precise configurations and the phenomenological conditions as they presently exist of the entire plaza and the surrounding spaces of government Center.

2) In so doing the problems were pinpointed including studies of the way it is in each of the four New England seasons.

3) then having that direct experience of the facts of the each situation on the plaza . . . the PROBLEMS and CAUAES were clearly documented.

4) The fruition of the solutions were created to clearly show how specific problems were solved making what was once underutilized spaces on the plaza . . . alive and good places for the daily users.

Copyright George Kelso March 2009