A Bunch of Other Media Sources With Similar Interests

A Bunch of Other Media Sources With Similar Interests

  • Posted on: 21 September 2005
  • By: cathy

This is an abridged list of towns in Massachusetts with details on the public access centers there and contact methods. I picked the centers likeliest to be working on similar types of digital media submission and distribution systems based on size, scope and staff structure. I'm going to be in contact with these centers and other sources mentioned below, and will report what they have to share. The term PEG denotes a station that has Public, Educational and Governmental programming. This list is in descending order of population for the locales, according to the 2000 census.

• Boston (pop approaching 600K)—BNN, http://www.bnntv.org/

Looks like there's two stations plus a community bulletin board. Scott Hillier, Digital Media Coordinator, (617)-442-5807 x15 or e-mail: shillier@bnntv.org; maybe Tom O'Gara, Cablecast Manager, (617) 720-2113 x18 or e-mail: togara@bnntv.org.

• Worcester (pop circa 170K)—WCCA, http://users.rcn.com/wcca/

WCCA appears to only have one channel, 13. They're a PEG. They clearly are quite active, but the website is organized strangely. No staff page that I could find and the station manager, Mauro dePasquale, seems to be the all-purpose contact. Phone: (508) 755-1880, e: wcca@ma.ultranet.com.

• Lowell (pop circa 105K)—LTC, http://www.ltc.org/

Two channels, looks like. General contact info: (978) 458-5400, info@ltc.org.

• Brockton (pop circa 94K)—BCA, http://www.bcatv.org/

Three channels. Could try the master control guys, Alberto Estremera or Marino Fernandes. Mark Linde is General Manager. No e-mail addresses listed, but a link to GM. (508) 580-2228.

• New Bedford (pop circa 94K)—NBCA, http://www.ci.new-bedford.ma.us/NBTV95.htm

New Bedford Cable Access is part of a PEG. 3 channels. Tom Sexton is Public Access Director. Doesn't seem to be a big staff here. (508) 979-1744, e-mail, TSexton@ci.new-bedford.ma.us.

• Quincy (pop circa 88K)—QATV, http://www.qatv.org/

Two channels, didn't see programming person. (617) 376-1440. Try production person? http://www.qatv.org/staff.html. Liz Clancy, eclancy@qatv.org. Elizabeth Campbell, bcampbell@qatv.org, is executive director.

• Newton (pop circa 84K)—NewTV, http://www.newtv.org/

It's a PEG. Try Walt Sawyer, TV and Web Programmer, walts@NEWTV.org. (617) 965-7200. Has also been at Brockton, Falmouth and Lowell. He's on MassAccess board.

• Somerville (pop circa 77.5K)—SCAT, http://www.access-scat.org/

One channel. Closest cable access center to CCTV. See if there's a new Programming Coordinator. Talk to Wendy Blom, executive director, director@access-scat.org or call (617) 628-1811.

• Waltham (pop circa 59K)—WCAC, http://www.wcac.org/

PEG station with channels available without a cable box. (781) 899-8834. Phil McGrady is the Program Director – he's responsible for new program proposals and scheduling programs to air on WCAC-TV, as well as facility equipment purchases. E-mail links on this page: http://www.wcac.org/contact.html.

• Brookline (pop circa 57K)—Brookline Access Television, http://www.batv.org/

Program/government/community calendar, program page broken. Looks medium-sized. (617) 731-8566. Andy Macbain, programming coordinator, andy@batv.org.

• Malden (pop circa 56K) MATV, http://matv.org/

Three channels. (781) 321-6400. Seems like we should talk to Terlonzo Amus, manager of technical operations, who built the digital studio and upgraded the cablecast for digital playback. terlonzo@matv.org. Additionally, the programming manager is Patrick Gordon, patrick@matv.org.

• Leominster (pop circa 41K)—LATV, http://www.leominster.tv/index2.php

PEG station. Can contact Kevin R. Morin, Scheduling Coordinator or one of these two guys: Technical and Administrative Questions, carl@leominster.tv (Executive Director Carl Piermarini); Classes, Programming and General Information, jack@leominster.tv (Post Production Supervisor/Image Preservation Specialist Jack Celli). E-mail: LATV@leominster.tv, Phone: (978) 537-7760.

• Salem (pop circa 40.5K)—SATV, http://www.satvonline.org/

Three channels. Reachable at (978) 740-9432. Try PROGRAM DIRECTOR: David Gauthier, davidg@satvonline.org

• Fitchburg (pop circa 39K)—FATV, http://www.fatv.org/

A PEG. (978) 343-0834. Mark Rocheleau, Executive Director, tech/admin questions, mark@fatv.org. Dave Svens, Community Access Coordinator, programming questions, dave@fatv.org.

• Billerica (pop circa 39K)—BATV, http://www.batvinc.org/

A PEG. (978) 663-2284. We can contact: Paul Abrego, Technical Coordinator/Trainer, pabrego@batvinc.org Christina Skillman, Programming Coordinator/Trainer, cskillman@batvinc.org.

• Amherst (pop circa 35K)—ACTV, http://www.actvamherst.com/

A PEG with three channels. (413) 256-1010. Hailu Dyami, Cablecaster, cablecasting@actvamherst.com.

• Danvers (pop circa 25K)—DCAT, http://www.danverstv.org/index.html

A PEG. (978) 777-2720. Only three staffers. Try Kam Dunn – Executive Director, kam@danverstv.org or James Palmer – Access Coordinator, jim@danverstv.org.

• Winchester (pop circa 21K)—WinCAM, http://www.wincam.org/

PEG station. (781) 721-2050. Adam Dusenberry, Program Director, adam@wincam.org.

• Winthrop (pop circa 18K)—WCAT, http://www.wcat-tv.org/index.html

Three channels + Talking Information Channel. (617) 846-3400. Try Mike Diluiso, Program Coordinator, miked@wcat-tv.org.

• Holliston (pop circa 14K)—Holliston Cable Access, http://holliston.k12.ma.us/hcattv8/

It's a PEG. General contact info: hcattv8@aol.com, (508) 429-8979. Program Manager is Dennis Bergeron, same phone number.

• South Lee (pop under 1K?)—Community Television for the Southern Berkshires, http://www.ctsbtv.org/

A PEG. (413) 243-8211. Contact Norman McLeod, Executive Director, nmcleod@ctsbtv.org.

Here are some centers of interest in other states:

• New York—Manhattan Neighborhood Networks, http://www.mnn.org/

Four channels served up four different ways: for RCN, Comcast, digital and without cable box. PSA on saving access: http://mnn.org/saveaccess/index.html. (212) 757-2670. Large staff. Maybe contact the two in technology: Phoenix Soleil Prophete, ext. 319, phoenix@mnn.org, Diane Thomas, ext. 351, diane@mnn.org. Also Robert Devine, Interim Executive Director, ext. 324, bob@mnn.org.

• Grand Rapids, MI—GRTV, http://www.grtv.org/

Just one channel. (616) 459-4788. Contact Kellie Ashcroft (x105), Programming Manager, kellie@grcmc.org or Chuck Peterson (x102), Affiliate Director, chuck@grcmc.org.

• Ann Arbor, MI—Community Television Network, http://www.ci.ann-arbor.mi.us/CommunityServices/CTNPI/CTN/

Four channels – PEG + a city station. (734) 769-7422. Can contact Lucy Ann Visovatti, Program Manager, lvisovatti@ci.ann-arbor.mi.us.

• Hololulu, Hawaii—'Olelo, http://olelo.org/

Five-channel PEG. Contact Programming Manager Thom McGarvey at (808) 834-0007, ext. 182 or e-mail tmcgarvey@olelo.org.

Here are some groups that serve up content digitally:

• Free Speech TV—http://www.freespeech.org/fscm2/genx.php?name=home

Does Internet broadcasting.

"Free Speech TV is a publicly-supported, independent, non-profit TV channel that is a project of Public Communicators, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization. It is available nationally, 24/7, on DISH Satellite Network. Selected programs are available on 108 community access cable stations in 28 states. Click here to see the members of the Free Speech TV Advisory Board."

Contact perhaps Eric Galatas: Program Director, eric@freespeech.org or Nathaniel Lion Reeder: Operations Director, (303) 442-8445, ext. 102.

• Deep Dish Network—http://www.deepdishtv.org/

This is "the first national grassroots satellite network". Contact (212) 473-8933, deepdish@igc.org.

• Boston IndyMedia—http://boston.indymedia.org/

"The Boston IMC is a volunteer, non-corporate effort to provide news coverage and media resources to the disempowered."

imc-boston-office@indymedia.org, (617) 338-0184.

• The University Channel website from Princeton—http://uc.princeton.edu

CCTV gets digital programs from this site. Donna Liu, Executive Director, The University Channel Project, dmliu@princeton.edu.