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Arlecchino Am Ravenous!

Arlecchino Am Ravenous!

Local Renaissance man Ian Thal will perform "Arlecchino Am Ravenous" and other works at 8:00 PM on Monday March 23 at Out of the Blue gallery located at 106 Prospect St. Cambridge.

I've known Ian for several years through our mutual involvement with the OpenAir Circus where he teaches Miming and Commedia D'ell Arte. Ian has been performing in the Boston area for several years.

His "Waltzing to War" from 2005 by Cosmic Spelunker Theater was a commentary on present and past wars consisting of mime, poetry, storytelling, commedia d'ell arte, and performance art. Why "Waltzing to War"? Armed conflict is more entertaining in three-four time. Most wars are fought in two-four; boom-boom. Explained Mr. Thal. The show included such hit numbers as Operation Hit them Back First Before They Hit US! and Wartime Mash-Up.

According to Thal, "Arlecchino Am Ravenous" is a blend of literary satire and physical comedy. Arlecchino (the character seen at the top) is so driven by hunger, as to eat flies, his own fingers, and even his own stomach, before he ravages both the heavens above and the hells below in search of a meal. The piece developed out of a series of improvisations inspired by a reading of Italian Nobel-Laureate, Dario Fo. The show will also include several shorter performance pieces that combine mime and poetry.

Ian Thal of Somerville, is a poet, mime, puppeteer and actor, and has worked with Cosmic Spelunker Theater, Bread and Puppet Theater, i Sebastiani, and the Dresden Dolls' Brigade. He has also acted in a number of independent films. His poetry is forthcoming in Crude: Poems at the End of the Age of Oil (Pudding House Publications) His work also appeared as part of an installation during the 2003 Boston CyberArts Festival. He also served as a mime instructor at Brookline Community Center for the Arts and Open Air Circus.

The small photos are from the 2008 OpenAir Circus performances by Ian and his young students.


Wow! There are photographs here that even I have never seen-- that's thorough!

One little correction: "Waltzing to War" was co-created with James Van Looy, while we were working together as Cosmic Spelunker Theatre, and the show would have been impossible without him.