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'Creation' the film and Charles Darwin By Elizabeth Kanze

Charles Darwin is the father evolution and so much more. What I mean he was so much more then his work. The first book he wrote didn't come easy for him. The name of first book is called : 'The Origin of Species'.
The death of his child Anne Elizabeth (Annie) at age 9 ,was so hard for him to bear. Charles Darwin, little child is died and it broke his heart.
The film 'Creation', confronts the emotional pain and deep sorrow of Charles Darwin. He wanted god to take his life ,then Anne Elizabeth (Annie). He was a broken man after death of Anne Elizabeth (Annie). She was only 9 years old when she died.
Paul Bettany plays Charles Darwin with love and care. Paul Bettany, pulls you in and you can't keep your eyes off of him. Paul Bettany, was wonderful as Charles
Darwin. This film came out 2009.
by Elizabeth Kanze e-mail

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