MusicQuarium MaMa / the crossroad of digital technology, arts, and motherhood

HOW bout that title?
There is an aquarium swimming in my head and the fish that fill it is the music of my world. My world music consists of digital technology, the arts, and being a MaMa. That there’s a bunch of fish that gets netted and when I have a chance I get to cooking. This blog is about what is chefing on my stove. And surely it’s a story you have never heard but want to know about: how a single college student gets “preggers” chooses to have her kid THEN handles (or doesn’t handle) the barrage of wonders that come into her life… And to handle that barrage with an attitude of joy

WHAT am I advocating you ask?
Surely not the ability to “breed” out of wedlock - just the fact that if you find yo’self in that situation and choose MaMaNess - that you can survive and DAG on IT I will say it – you can achieve.

I grew up with a Daddy who loved R n’ B and Stevie Wonder was his DUDE! My blog title is from Wonder’s compilation album from the same name. YOU know Stevie was blind, and a musician, and he dabbled with technology so I dig his multifacetedNess

for a WonderOus Video - or just close your eyes and get hip to a musical genius


You and your daughter are both beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story and this great song, Toni.

I appreciate your comments / my truth continues...
Mister Wonder was on the soundtrack of my youth / Gen Yers = time to get HIPPER