Interviewing Senator Obama at BU

Interviewing Senator Obama at BU

  • Posted on: 22 April 2007
  • By: jmc

On Friday April 20, I was invited to videotape Senator Barack Obama's speech at Boston University as a volunteer on the "new media" team for BarackTV. This was a chance to catch a glimpse of the Senator close up as he rallies to win the hearts and minds of Americans.

Soon I will be posting my video which includes a short (20sec.) interview with Senator Obama as well as some interviews of others. But, first, check out what the nice people, Jessica Slider and Chris Northcross, at BarackTV put together.

I was interested in BarackTV because they are doing on a national level what CCTV is trying to do on a local level. If you go to, users are basically given an entire webspace to interact with other supporters through groups, blogs, messages and even a fundraising section. Sound familiar? CCTV's got those things for our members as well.

I was particularly interested in how they are able to leverage on-line participation into real world community. Their technique is simple. People sign up. They enter their skills and interests. A user signs up for location-based groups. If the user's location and skills match the need of the campaign, they email you. In my case, the email led to a face-to-face encounter with the Senator and a lot of great interviews with thoughtful Senator Obama supporters. Stay tuned for the video.