Holly Springs, MS (and a few words)

Holly Springs, MS (and a few words)

We've been staying in state parks as much as possible this entire trip. We only stayed in one motel. This experience has been extrememly beneficial for us during this trip. It saved us money and gave us the outdoor experience that we needed. It also detached us from the towns and cities that we were visiting during the day which proved theraputic.

A lot of the towns we are visiting are economically depressed.

It proved a challenge, when faced with the fact that we might not be able to see blues acts in clubs, to ask the locals of these depressed towns where we might find some black people who play blues. You'll see in these next few clips the kind of people who knew where the blues were. This is the blues. The experience I came to Mississippi for.

A lot of this initial footage that I'm uploading is coming from a Pure Digital point and shoot camera. I have also been taking some footage with my DVX 100B. That content I will take more time and upload when I get back to Massachusetts.

At the beginning of this trip I was thinking I wouldn't complete my goals of capturing blues muscians or blues culture or anything that I had set out to do in the beginning. I'm proud to say that my expectations have been met and have been exceeded.

Enjoy the next few videos and thank you for watching.