National Conference for Media Reform

National Conference for Media Reform

  • Posted on: 9 May 2005
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Streaming Media Coverage

Click here to view streaming media: Conference Viewing Page

Cambridge Community Television is proud to present streaming video coverage of selected sessions of the National Conference for Media Reform starting mid day on May 13, 2005. Several representatives will be on site with remote streaming media systems for individuals who could not attend. Viewers can either watch live-to-the-minute streaming media or download archived media on demand after the conference. Special thanks goes out to Creative Narrations and Free Press for making this technologically possible!

From the official conference website:

Fed up with the media? Want to do something about it? Activists from across the country will converge in St. Louis on May 13-15 to mobilize to fix our broken media system. The conference will include panel presentations, workshops, discussion sessions, video screenings, book signings, and speeches and performances by renowned guests.