• Posted on: 13 September 2012
  • By: ucheikpa

Western Nations must learn to make genuine and better relationships with other nations not based on self interest and arrogance, but on mutual respect and genuine commitment to human development to help each other. This is the only survival remedy for our fearful, confused and turbulent world now. The deceitful way nations have dealt with each other: Western or Third World Nations for decades have not worked in foreign relations and policies. We will not see peace in the Middle East until there is a sincere and authentic business dealing, less desire to control oil by foreign powers and a deep search of conscience and motivation by World Powers, specially, France, America, Britain and China. If there is no change in these areas mentioned and by these nations, the world should prepare for another World War. This time the war will be so catastrophic- Nuclear World War unless God intervenes.

Why Does Middle East Provoke Such Massive Tension?

This is because it is the richest in oil reserves in the world. You have Saudi Arabia and Iran as some of the greatest producers of oil in the world. Then you have Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, Libya and UAE. This is also because the world can’t do without oil, especially in the modern world of high-tech and scientific discoveries: so there is always a scramble for Middle East and African oil. Western Nations have heavily depended on rich oil producing nations: and these oil rich nations remain some of the most impoverished, violent and war-torn areas in the world.

Ways To Achieve Peace In The Middle East:

• Western Nations must be sincere in their dealings with these nations with great oil reserves in Third World Nations because they have not been in the past. Any of these Third World Nations be it in Africa or in Middle East that doesn’t comply to their demands, regime change is sought quickly under the guise of democracy and freedom; and a puppet leader is replaced that carters to their interests. Look at Iraq. Everything that empowered Saddam Hussein was fueled by America. His weapons that fought 8-year war with Iran, his biological weapons against his own people. America heavily backed her during that war. Then when he could no longer carry out their selfish demands, He was destroyed with his family. Iraq is the most dangerous place on the earth today. There is no democracy there. Even money to rebuild the nation was stolen.

• There is Libya. Swiftly, without waiting to give Gaddafi a chance to step down, or African Unity to intervene and depose him, America, France and Britain under NATO killed him in the most violent and disturbing, savage and brutal way; armed the rebels who have never used guns before; and under the pretext he was oppressing their own people. But Britain and America have been dealing with Gaddafi for decades on bases of oil. Now the place is a mess and the people are bitter and the same rebels are forming militant groups because they don’t see any democracy. You dismantle them and you don’t follow up- a people who don’t know how to rule or govern themselves; and no adequate security to stop every body using guns that World Powers provided to them. Why not give the billions of dollars Gaddafi piled in British and American banks to rebuild their nations? No, it is all about self interest; it is all about the oil. Libya is becoming like Iraq. Al Qaeda is gently gaining control. Why would they not wish they had their Gaddafi back? “They fared well under the so called “tyrants who oppressed their own people.”

• Here is Iran. It is the pretext she possesses nuclear weapon. Israeli top officers have proven she does not yet possess atomic weapon. American top intelligent officers said she does not yet possess nuclear weapon. Why is American and United Nations pushing aggressively to sanction her? So they can topple her and control her oil wells, and put a pawn who will do their dirty bidding. The Syrian leader could have been deposed a long time ago but not for China and Russia who opposed it. The whole Middle East is torn apart all because of oil, no genuine interest in the people. Any nation that resists World Powers, regime change is sought immediately and any pretext given as a reason. Then the oil is taken away from them and controlled by Western Nations. It is all about who controls the riches of the Middle East. God says enough. He is watching-the day of accountability drawing fast. You are creating poverty and misery around the world by your ruthless actions, and nothing of freedom and democracy.

• Culture plays a profound role in relationships. Culture is everything in the life of a nation. It is the way they think, dress, eat, speak: how they look at sex, religion, politics, education, everything. To effectively interact with people who are not like you, you must understand their culture and respect it. Your culture is not better in any way. It is simply the way people are raised to look at things differently, and this makes for strong and diverse enhancement of relationships. Middle East is different from America. These people have been there for centuries and have rich culture. Americans must be taught to learn to accept and respect the culture in Middle East, not only what you can get from there. Respect their religion and not ridicule it. What if someone ridicules what you love best, would you like that? Other nations and culture feel their nations are exceptional and superior too, but when you think they are inferior to yours, then, it fuels anti American sentiments.

In 2006 in Denmark, Jyhands Posten published cartoons that ridiculed Prophet Mohammed and sparkled a great uproar all over the world. The Bush Administration said this:

“We find them offensive, and we certainly understand why Muslims would find the images offensive.” President Bush meant it was not right to ridicule other people's faith and religion.

• The Palestinian issue should not be neglected, but resolved between Israel and Palestinians. It is one of the things that causes bitterness and anger in the Middle East. It cannot be allowed to linger on. Prime Minister Netanyahu is ready to bomb Iranian Nuclear Facility, but not ready to make peace with Palestinians around his backyard. He oppresses the Palestinians, and nothing he does against them is brought up in United Nations. Everything Prime Minister Netanyahu does is wonderful. Many top Israeli artists and producers have denounced the way he treats Palestinians and distanced themselves from him-his own people, but America and United Nations back him. Where is the justice of God? “God is no respecter of persons.” God hates oppression of the poor. It doesn’t matter who perpetuates it. Until this is resolved, Middle East Tension will continue.

• Prime Minister Netanyahu is ready to bomb Iranian Nuclear Facility, hoping to enlist America on his side. He can’t even wait until the election and respect the America who has helped him a lot. He must bomb during the American election and escalate American problems of unemployment. He has 150 nuclear weapons; but Israeli top intelligent officers said Iran does not possess nuclear weapon, and Iran does not poise an "existential threat to Israel;" American top intelligent officers said Iran does not possess nuclear weapons. Why sanction Iran? Who has pressured Israel to dismantle her nuclear weapons for the sake of the safety of the region? Is it United Nations or America? Yet the same people are pushing for sanctions so they can overthrow the Iranian regime. These are lies and pretenses that must be changed if Middle East must experience peace. This September 2012, United Nations will Assemble in New York and further erode the trust people have on them because they are partial and bias in their judgment.

Arab League should play a crucial role in mediating peace in the Middle East. The plight of their own people should move them to tears. Rather what do they do? They team up with corrupt Western leaders and oppress their own people. Arab Spring is the oppression of many nations in the Middle East by these corrupt leaders. Turkey who should be pleading and talking to President Assad on grounds of peace for the sake of the region's security is the one fueling things. What of Saudi Arabia, one of the strongest allies of United States could be doing so much to talk to Assad of Syria, but strongly allies himself with US. US just sold him 60 billion worth of arms. Tell me what he wants to do with these arms- to keep an eye on Iran in case of war- it becomes a base for military for US and Israel. Israel did not complain about such heavy weaponry in the Middle East, but complains of Iran they are not sure has nuclear weapon. In Saudi Arabia, women are oppressed, and there is no democracy there, and nobody talks about democracy there. It is all about the Saudi oil. Nobody forgets the killers of 9/11 were all Saudis, but America went into Iraq. The Arab League should come together and solve their people's problems, and not leave it to Western nations whose interest in the Middle East is only the oil. You have Euro looking out for its interest, yet, you have Arab league and African Unity so selfish and corrupt, allying with Western leaders to destroy their own people and plunge them into extreme poverty. Most of the violence we see in the Middle East stems from people hungry and angry of their leaders inability to help them. The "movie" can rally already angry people without food and jobs to do "extreme tragic things."

• If United Nations is the leader and security body of the nations of the world, show It by your genuine love for the people and not partial arbitrary between nations. They may not agree with your policies. United Nation must be based on “Truth” dealing with each nation in sincerity, not in bias. If you are not sincere, why do you expect nations to respect you? Why so many nations remain so backward is because United Nations is made up of Western Nations who look at Third World Nations as inferior, only a place of enriching themselves. Why did Kofi Annan quit mediating peace in Syria? Because of the lack of unity of the United Nations. For example, every year United Nations tells you thousands of Somalians will die of hunger, but what they don’t tell you is that American oil companies are enriching themselves with Somalian oil. These nations are dubbed as terrorists and pirates when they rebel against their horrible situation, and yet they are the poorest in the world. If you are poor, will you not strife to better yourself? Zionism arose because of Hitler‘s oppression of the Jewish people. Even Britain will not allow them a home in Israel. They resorted to terrorism. God said “I came that ye might have life and that life abundantly.” It is the will of God to bless humans not to oppress them. God will over throw those who seek to enslave others.

• United Nations and Western Nations see other nations not equal to them; there are nations who are inferior and those who are superior- theory based on Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory: but in reality, there is nothing like that. My Greek professor at Dallas Baptist University Dr. White said: If you expose children to good education and facilities, be it black or white children, they will achieve their utmost best: he is saying there is no one created inferior. If these nations are inferior, why is Western Nations unable to do without them in natural resources? It is all human arrogance.

• What is causing Arab spring in Middle East are people who have being subjected by oppressive regimes for many decades, and backed by corrupt Western leaders, and no Western Nation said anything about the abuses. America knew Mubarak was a dictator, but they backed him with billions of dollars. As Western Nations are liberating them under the guise of freedom and democracy, it is still based on self interest. They say they have liberated them, they leave them without follow up. Most of the nations liberated are the most violent, and the people extremely poor now and better before liberation: are now bitter like Iraq and Libya. as Western Nations are enriching themselves with the people’s resources the oil God gave them. You think God will not bring you to judgment? You are deceiving yourself. Poverty is linked to violence. that is why we are seeing a lot of violence in the world today - taking the oil that belongs to them and crippling their economy.

• Then the World Powers: Russia, America and China will not sign arms treaty. They walked out. These nations flood the arms all over Middle East and Africa to keep and maintain their interests in Middle East and Africa where even a child has a gun to shoot at will. The oppressive leaders use the gun to maintain the interest of Western powers, while the leaders suppress and threaten their own subject with the guns. Billions of dollars are gained in arm's sell by these three nations. That is why they walked out of the arms treaty, and thousands die all over the world by guns in the hands of militants and militia groups bitter and angry.

• When the people they are liberating realize it is all about oil, their condition did not improve, in short it was made worse, they join Al Qaeda group and become terrorist and militant groups who menace the society. “They are the same rebels so liberated.”

• Western nations don’t understand the deep royalty these Middle East nations have for their own people and leaders, through a bond in language and culture. In Western politics, nobody wants to die for politics, in Middle East, people are fiercely loyal to their leaders who were toppled, specially when those who helped to topple their leaders are not genuine and no genuine change seen. Already, they don’t trust foreign nations. What do they do, they quickly go back to their leader, or wished they did not do what they did- taking out their leader. These are nations that have built empires like Iraq, Iran, and Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine have existed for centuries. These nations have been great empires and very wise and proud. In dealing with them, Western Nations must be careful and not think them foolish and stupid. They can read you like a book.

• To have peace in the Middle East, leave them alone to formulate their own policies fit for them to rule their nations. Don’t be in England or America or France of Russia and you are dictating what Egypt should do or Libya. Western Nations, leave them alone to formulate their destiny. It is this part of the world civilization started. They may not have all the modern high-tech and amenities, but they are very wise. These Third World Nations do not interfere in Western politics or policies. Leave them alone to rule themselves and stop meddling and interfering in their politics. If they install a moslim and the nation wants it, fine. The ones who were not moslims, what did they achieve? Many moslims are God fearing and will not hurt others, and these are moslim countries. God knows how to draw people to Himself. We who have Christianity what have we done with it? Do we obey the Lord? Our politics is full of lies, and those who perpetuate these lies are those who profess one faith or another. Don’t try to control Middle East politics. Leave them alone to control their fate and destiny, just like they don’t interfere with yours in the Western Nations. They have a right to elect whoever they want to rule them without interferrance.

• Leave their oil alone so they can use it to help their own people. If these oil wells belong to Western Nations, sure they will not like someone to come in from no where and control their oil wells and impoverish them. ‘Do unto others as you would like them to treat you or do to you.’ What is wrong in Iran having nuclear power for water and electricity for her own people? Why should they not be able to control their oil wells? Why must it be controlled by other nations?

• China is in Sudan enriching herself with Sudanese great oil reserves; America is in Somali enriching themselves with Somalian oil. When they rebel about their poverty, they are classified as terrorists and pirates. Every year, you hear thousands of Somalis will die. These are the poorest nations in the world-Somali and Sudan in Africa. Should we believe there is nothing good in politics? That politics is all about lies. It is time to change Middle East policies by Western nations. if not, God help us.

To help create a better and more peaceful Middle East, let us follow the example laid for us by President Franklin Roosevelt.

In 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt proposed the four freedoms in the future of Undeveloped countries in Congress: "freedom from want every where in the world. Roosevelt elaborated the advantages of America to encourage other people to raise their productivity, living standard, their purchasing power. It will mean greater safety from attack and from war, and would encourage the development of democracy." Staley Eugine: Future of Undeveloped countries. How prophetic this statement is today. But many American political leaders have hot followed this wise injunction. Their foreign policies have always bordered on self interest and have left the world poorer and undeveloped, except Western Nations.

Guns and wars will not solve Middle East Tension. Sincerity, impartiality, genuine love and interest to alleviate the suffering of the masses, rather than self enriching interest under the pretense of freedom and democracy will plunge the Middle East into another World War-this time A Nuclear World War. “Thou shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” What I am discussing is nothing but the truth nobody wants to talk about. The way we are going is a slippery slope to destruction, not genuine democracy.

A poem written by the writer on Freedom:


Freedom loved by everyone
Sought by everyone
Least understood by everyone
Empires, kingdoms, nations
Kings, princes, rich and poor
Perished for want of freedom
Won by guns and bombs?
Won by speeches and eloquence?
Won by riches and fame?
Won by democracy?
Who won freedom?
Truth won freedom


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