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Spotlight on CCTV Member Mohammad Sayed

The Summer Media Institute ended August 10, but some teens just can't stay away! Mohammad Sayed, a first year participant in this year's summer program, has been at CCTV for the past two weeks working diligently on a new project, "Mahatma, The Great Soul." The project is an adaptation of a book Sayed wrote this year about his role model and hero, Mahatma Gandhi.

Today, Sayed came to CCTV to learn the basics of stop motion, which he is planning to incorporate into his video. He's starting his freshman year at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School next week, and planning to be involved in the School Year Production Program at CCTV. In this short video clip, Sayed talks about why he is interested in being a part of the school year program. I interviewed Sayed today and will include a short profile of him in the October-December CCTV Newsletter-- keep your eyes out for it to learn more about him and what he's learning at CCTV!