MIDDLE EAST TENSION: Why Israel Should Not Bomb Iranian Nuclear Facility

MIDDLE EAST TENSION: Why Israel Should Not Bomb Iranian Nuclear Facility

  • Posted on: 16 August 2012
  • By: ucheikpa

On August 13, 2012, The Israeli Ambassador said that the time to bomb Iranian nuclear facility is very close: It will happen even before the American election. Today August 16, 2012, BBC reports on Middle East News: “Israeli Prepared for 30-day war with Iran.” The news continues:
“Though strikes on Iran’s nuclear facility will be coordinated with US.”

These are the reasons why Israel should not bomb Iranian Nuclear Facility:

• It is foolhardiness and lack of wisdom to think you will attack Iranian nuclear facility under 30 days. And remember if Israel attacks Iran anytime, Americans will suffer in a dramatic and unique way. Whoever is planning that with Israel is playing with fire. Americans have no jobs. It will cause billions of dollars to start another war that America is involved in. It is unnecessary war that caused the deficit, even when some pretend it is President Obama who caused the mess we are in. Americans will struggle a lot should they be another war. Right now, millions of Americans have no jobs and many are on unemployment benefits. You can imagine if there is another war. It is delusive to think if you attack Iran, it will stop in thirty days. Wisdom means the fear of God. It is lack of wisdom to think a war can end in 30 days because you don't know how events will shape in war.

• Attack on Iran will sparkle a Third World Nuclear War. If Iran is attacked, she has already promised to attack back. Iran is backed by Russia and China, and America backs Israel. These nations outside Iran and Israel will be on the sides of their allies; and the attack will escalate into a world war.

• If Israel attacks Iran, America will be pulled into the war. Why? Because Iran strongly believes America favors and supports Israel against her. So if Iran is bombed, Iranians can come here and instigate war or bomb America. Iran is not like Iraq. Iran is an ancient proud former Persian kingdom that ruled the world in the past. It has a rich culture and very wise. Israel should be very careful in embarking on this dangerous road which many have warned her, including Israeli top intelligent officials.

• Israeli top military leaders have said they do not believe Iran has developed nuclear bomb.

1 On Middle East News 4/28/132, BBC reports: “The former head of Israeli Intelligence Agency has accused the country’s leadership of “misleading” the public on the merit of a possible military strike on Iran. Yuval Diskin said an attack might speed up any attempt by Iran to obtain nuclear bomb. Mr. Deskin who stepped down as Shin Bet chief last year after six years said he had “no faith in the current leadership” of Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Barak according to Israeli Media reports. “ I don’t believe in a leadership that makes decisions based on Messianic feelings,” he said at a public meeting. “They are misleading the public on the Iran issue. They tell the public that if Israel acts, Iran won’t have a nuclear bomb. This is misleading. Actually, many experts say that an Israeli attack would accelerate the Iranian nuclear race.”

2 On Metro News. Boston, Massachusetts, an article written by Michael J. Frosch on Ron Paul the Presidential candidate , February 21, 2012 warned about “new war,” Debate could be final decision.” The article reports on February 5, The US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Congress that Iran has not yet made the decision to “go ahead with a nuclear weapon.” Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff told CNN that Military strike against Iran would be premature because it is unclear that Tehran would actually use the nuclear capability to build atomic bomb.”

• If so, why is Prime Minister Netanyahu pushing aggressively to bomb Iranian facility? Why does America back her when her own Intelligence tells her they are not sure Iran possesses nuclear bomb? This is because America backs Israel in whatever she does. She supplies her heavily with arms. If you have a friend and your friend is going astray or doing something wrong: you call your friend, and you boldly tell them the pathway they have chosen is wrong. That is genuine friendship. America does not have the will power to tell Israel the terrible and profound consequences of bombing Iranian facility. That is political and not leadership. Politics is what people gain-greed, but leadership is the courage to do the right thing, despite the odds and help those who elected you to do the right thing and please God. That gives freedom and peace.

• Israel has 150 nuclear bombs, and the world is not sure Iran has developed one. Nobody has the audacity to tell Israel to dismantle her atomic weapons, not even World Powers, not America her strongest ally. America has flooded Middle East with arms: supplying all her allies in the region with billions worth of arms, even a place like Iraq which has become a fertile ground for terrorists. These stock pile of arms are going to be used "in the coming war created by World Powers," If God does not intervene.

• Israel is a peaceful, loving and intelligent nation, who hates war because they have seen it a lot. Their top artists and movie makers have warned of what Prime Minister Netanyahu's government does to Israel as regards to her policies, but the government is not listening. Majority of the Israelis do not favor bombing Iran. Why can’t a leader of the people listen to those who elected them? Israel realizes whatever she does, America backs her up. Does America use Israel to achieve her aim in the Middle East? Is Israel bold and reckless because America backs her up?

• Tell me why Israel should attack Iran in the Middle East now? We already have a tense situation there in Syria. Thousands have died already, and the war is not abating but escalating. Britain is supplying the opposition with money and what she calls “non lethal arms,” and America is getting involved too. Where is our sense of compassion and empathy towards others? Can you imagine if what is happening in Syria is happening in Britain, or Russia, or China, or America? Why can't World Powers come together and solve the problem? Because they are disunited and partial. Many nations don't trust them anymore.

• Prime Minister Netanyahu who wants to bomb Iran has Palestinians living around him and oppresses them. Palestinians have lived in refugee camps for decades suffering. When Nazi Germany evaded the Jews, the whole world prayed, cried and came to their rescue; when White Apartheid Minority ruled South Africa, and even denied the people the right to live in their nation; they had to carry passport to travel in their own country, the world came to their rescue; when Black Americans were enslaved and oppressed, white and black came together and stopped the wicked oppression of blacks in America: so why not Palestinian course? Where is God’s justice on this issue? Instead of world leaders mediating peace, they escalate war because of their greed in Middle East. One of the things that causes tension in the Middle East is Palestinian problem. United Nations says the plight of the people is deplorable and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government denies them all kinds of rights. Those seeking freedom are classified as terrorists, yet in your own time, you practiced terrorism to get out of your own situation. Many Israelis with conscience have accused the government of their oppressive regime against the Palestinians, but they do not listen. That led former President Jimmy Carter to write: “Peace, Not Apartheid.” The book describes the horrible way Israel treats Palestinians. Nobody says these things because of political connections. But God hates oppression of the poor, regardless of who perpetuates it.

World Powers such as America, Russia, Britain, China, etc., have fueled Middle tensions due to their partial policies in the Middle East. If any of these nations don’t like you, they will seek to do regime change to install a leader favorable to their policies and interests. It is all about Middle East oil and who controls it. These world leaders are indifferent to those who die in the Middle East as long as they have their oil; it is irrelevant who dies or lives there. As long the war is not fought in their nations, it is okay. These nations will tighten security to make sure nobody is plotting anything in their countries, but it is okay to start wars in other nations.

Kofi Annan, former Secretary to United Nations just left as peace maker for Syria. Reason- the United Nations which is made up of these powerful nations are so divided. That division is based on self interest on Middle East riches. Each of these powerful nations seeks what financial gain they can achieve in Middle East. Russia, America and China have just pulled out on International Arms Treaty and wanted more time to consider it. Something that kills 750,000 people yearly, and what gives them billions of dollars. Then, they flood the arms in Middle East and Africa, the places with the richest natural resources, and the greedy and corrupt leaders work together with World Powers to oppress their own people with the guns, while the countries are looted. World Power is suppose to create peace in the world. Many nations don't trust them now because of their partiality.

World Powers have set the fertile ground for World War in the Middle East. They assume the war will not come to them if there is one. Let me remind these ruthless leaders who have no conscience and lacks God’s fear that they don’t really understand the ways of God. He is watching all these wickedness and says to these leaders: “Whatever a man sows, that he or she reaps.” To think the war will not come to you, you don’t understand God. The war will certainly come to you who perpetuated it and thought you were smart. Eventually, your empire will pass away. God will over throw the schemes of the wicked. God alone is in control, not assumed leaders. God alone sets up kingdoms and brings them down; God alone changes times and seasons; God alone has the power of death and life. Nations have fallen and risen down the ages. The kingdoms set by ungodly men and women will fall someday. God then will set up His righteous kingdom with those who loved Him; feared him; and obeyed Him. They will live with Him forever.

You as a leader can choose to do what is right and abandon evil. “God is no respecter of persons.” Someday, they will be judgment and accountability. “It is appointed unto men once to die, and they will be judgment.” We all shall be rewarded with evil or good deeds done in this world. Somebody should warn Prime Minister Netanyahu of his intended action. It will result to Third World Nuclear War. At that time, arrogance and stubbornness will be irrelevant: and those ill advising him will regret it. Then, it will be too late.

A poem written by the writer on life & reflections:

Life & Reflections:

When it is all said and done
At the end of the day
You will relax
You will reflect on your deeds
Your reflections will disturb
Your reflections will hurt
Your reflections will heal
Your reflections will nurture
Don’t be like a cobweb
Shrouded in comfort
Did not remember
Deeds done
At the end of the day
Evil or good
Will be rewarded
Good or evil