Posted by Mark Jaquith on Aug 15, 2012.

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Hungry Tiger Street Festival

Last Saturday saw the second annual Hungry Tiger Food Festival held in Union Square, Somerville. I know this site is supposed to keep to topics within Cambridge, but “greater Cambridge” will have to be good enough here. After all, it is within walking distance for many of us, and it was way too awesome to miss.

Sponsored by the Somerville Arts Council and the Boston Circus Guild, the festival featured food stands from restaurants around the square and local crafts. The Square was decorated with Japanese lanterns and parasols with a huge open mouthed tiger at the entrance. There was some very tasty spicy grilled corn on the cob, but my fave was the fare from Dosa Temple down by Market Basket.

The main attraction had to wait till darkness fell. The performance of fire arts by members of the Boston Circus Guild was worth waiting a year to see. Play the slide show to see a few pictures of these spectacular performances. Some of the pics are a little fuzzy because of low light and no tripod, but I hope they will inspire you to be on the lookout for more of the same.