Ants Documentary Begins

Ants Documentary Begins

  • Posted on: 10 April 2007
  • By: jmc

We kicked off the second installment of our Project Documentary class last night with wonderful presentation on ants and myrmecology, the study of ants by CCTV intern and ant scientist Amy Mertl. Little did we know that ants were so important to ecosystem. Nor did we know that ants have extremely complex societies that in many cases are more specialized than human societies. Also, did you know most ants a person encounters are female?

Our second Project Documentary topic is, as you must have inferred by now, ants. Cambridge and Boston are great places to make a film about ants due to the number of great local scientists and ant collections at the area universities and musuems. The video is will be an interesting look at some of the best myrmecology in the world.

We'll be posting video rough cuts, sample b-roll, thoughts and more on our collaborative group blog at If you are interested in following along, you can subscribe to the RSS feed or just watch CCTV's homepage for the highlights. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the video, please contact jason[at] Also, if you would like to take a look at the rest of our great class offerings, visit classes webpage.

Photo courtesy of Crfullmoon.