RAMADAN KHUTBA # 2; Abortion! The Heinous Sin of the Murder of Human Life! (8/1/2012).

RAMADAN KHUTBA # 2; Abortion! The Heinous Sin of the Murder of Human Life! (8/1/2012).

  • Posted on: 2 August 2012

Special Creation
Allah created the creation to operate in a certain, specific way and this of course, includes the human being. The human being has been created and designed to have limited free will, which enables him to make decisions and choices. This places great responsibility upon the human being, making his moral growth and development, faster and stronger. Experience increases one’s knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It also makes one’s faith stronger. These powerful forces are given to the human being as gifts, in the form of appetites, urges, and desires. You must discipline these forces within yourself, as they are there to please and serve Allah.

The cause of all of the wrong in the world is man giving in to his appetites, urges, impulses, and becoming addicted to these forces, and forming habits based upon this. He gets a certain amount of pleasure form these habits. He likes theses pleasures, and want to keep them, so he reads what Allah has revealed to His Prophets. Divine knowledge condemns the haram (bad) habits that have control over him. He makes modifications to this divine knowledge to try, and make it allow for evil he has given his soul to, and ends up with a false religion calling it the “Word of God”, so that others like himself can gather to it, and live a life of pretense.

Unchecked Appetites
Allah says in the Holy Qur’an, Surah 6:119, “ But many do mislead men by their appetites unchecked by knowledge. Your Lord knows best those who transgress.” And in Surah 15:3: “Leave them alone to enjoy and please themselves; let false hope amuse them: soon will divine knowledge undeceive them.” Also, in Surah 13:33-34. “Is then He who stands over every soul ,and knows all that it does, and yet they ascribe partners to Allah. Say: But name them! Is it that you will inform him of something he does not know, or is it just a show of words?”

“Nay! To those who believe not, their pretense seems pleasing, but they are kept back from the path, and those whom Allah leaves to stray, no one can guide. For them is a penalty in the life of this world, but harder truly is the penalty of the Hereafter, and defender have they none against Allah.”

False Religions
There are people who are addicted to the evil of extremes, and have set up false religions all over the world, promoting hatred and bigotry, and worst of all, the worship of idols. I often hear people say the reason they get abortions, is because they don’t want to bring children into a terrible world like we have today.

Wake Up! Everybody!
Dear people, please wake up! Can’t you see that bringing new life into the world in the form of children, teaching and training, them in the way of Allah, teaching them the Revelations of Allah, and the life example of Allah’s last Prophet and Messenger Muhammad (PBUH), is most precious and valuable? Dear people, the way to build a new and better world, is through our children. Teach them the way of God, and they will build a magnificent world, free of the spirit of evil and indecency.

Children Are Key
Allah has given the human being the knowledge and the understanding of how to build a new world. So, Jews, Christians, Muslims and others, let us work together, and build this new excellent world, and remember that as long as you are alive in this world, you can always have a new beginning. As we can see, abortion is a heinous sin.

There is also the concept of self-abortion, when you refuse to obey the Will and Plan of Allah, the Almighty. The process of degeneration (self-destruction) begins for a person when they disobey Allah. Since they brought it on themselves after being warned, it can be called self-abortion.

Abortion: Loss for Humanity
Also, know that when you abort a new life, even if it is only a sperm, you abort everything it would have become in life as a person. Perhaps this new life might have become a doctor and saved thousands of lives, or the head of some great country, and may have helped many people to fight the many oppressors in the world, or a great religious leader who could have done great work, in the world to enlighten humanity. These are just a few thoughts to consider before you commit the heinous act of abortion (murder of new life potential). I pray that Allah will bless us all with the light of understanding and faith to carry out what we understand.
Ramadan Mubarak(Happy Ramadan)! Allah-U-Akbar (Allah/God is Great)!