RAMADAN KHUTBA # 1 (7/26/12):

RAMADAN KHUTBA # 1 (7/26/12):

  • Posted on: 26 July 2012

Love Talk

This world is designed to make and keep us blind to the message of the Holy Qur'an and the excellent example prophet Muhammad left for us to follow. The world is designed to make us deaf to the call of Al-Islam (the entire submission to the Will of Allah). The world is designed to give us a different spirit from what Allah intended for us, a spirit foreign to our human nature. Human nature is excellent.

Shaitan, our open enemy, knows that in order to control us, he must first influence us to corrupt our souls, our human nature, by being disobedient to Allah and His Apostle. He knows he must create desires in us, so Shaitan has built an artificial, superficial environment(world) within the natural world that Allah created. He has created an environment filled with wicked and indecent ideas and suggestions, many of them are subliminal, which means we are not consciously aware of them.

Shaitan must pull our attention away from the Way of Allah, before he can lead us astray. But we Muslims have the Holy Qur'an as a protection against the disease of the wicked. As long as we feed our souls upon knowledge that Allah has revealed for us, we will have faith, the will and the strength to turn away evil and indecency. We must be grateful to Allah for blessing us with the Holy Qur'an and His last Prophet, Muhammad(PBUH).

The late and great Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Muslim Spokesman for Human Salvation, said, "Love talk! Today we must teach the truth no matter how much it hurts, because things will continue to get worse unless we teach the truth. One of the tools used to keep us blind and vulnerable is the warped teaching of love. Just look around you and you will see many people who have been wasted by misunderstanding of love. They think that love means to give your sympathy out to everything and everybody without discrimination. They don't see anybody as bad or wrong. They love everybody. That's not love, that is insanity. The real love is the strength to make the person you love unhappy, and perhaps lose their friendship for a while by, telling them the truth because you know it is for the good and betterment, of that person.To do this you must have a strong faith and trust in Allah."

So dear people, instead of so much love talk. let's talk about obligation and responsibility. If we Strive "With the Name Allah" to live up to our obligation and responsibility, love will develop naturally and will be everlasting.


Discipline is protection from destruction and harmful habit. Discipline represents balance. Discipline denies extremes, whatever you do repetitiously, becomes clocked into your subconscious mind and it becomes an automatic response to certain conditions, As a matter of fact, everything even things that are ordinarily good will become harmful or destructive, if taken to extreme. So, Islamic discipline protects us from extremes and perhaps prolongs your life.

Ramadan Mubarak(Happy Ramadan)! Allah-U-Akbar(Allah is Great)!