GUN CONTROL HUSHED AMERICAN PROBLEM: Law Made for Man, Not Man for the Law

GUN CONTROL HUSHED AMERICAN PROBLEM: Law Made for Man, Not Man for the Law

Statistics reports that 30,000 gun deaths occur every year in America; 300,000 gun related assaults in US; and fire arms cost $100 billion a year. (Focus: The NRA Dark Gun Culture). This is what nobody wants to talk about because of its financial greed and political connections. It is not only in America that the American gun kills, but also internationally too. America is the world's greatest arm seller or exporter.

Says Amartya Sen, the Noble Price Winner for economics: “How to Judge Globalization: C1A1-A6

“The world's establishment is firmly entrenched in this business. The permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations were together responsible for 81 percent of world's arms export from 1996-2000. Indeed the world leaders who express deep frustration at the “irresponsibility” at anti globalization protests lead the country that make the most money in this terrible trade. The G-B countries sold 87 percent of the total supply in the entire world. The US share has last gone up almost 50 percent of the American arms in the world. Further more, as much as 68 percent of the American exports went to developing countries. The arms are used with bloody results and with devastating effects on the economy, the policy and the society. The World Powers bear awesome responsibility for helping in subverting of democracy in Africa and for the negative consequences of that subversion.”

Shortly before the Arab Spring says a London based Human Right Organization: “A host of at least 20 governments, including Italy, United States, United kingdom, Serbia, Switzerland and South Korea sold small arms, tear gas, armored vehicles and other security equipments to the five countries that have faced and violently combated popular uprising: Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen. The United States have far out paced other countries in the report, approving sales of 1.1 billion dollars. Recent arm sale by America was 60 billion dollars to Saudi Arabia, a tiny place like that. Tell me what these people are going to do with all of these arms? Iraq, already a mess militarily was sold 11 billion arm sale. Every now and then, there is terrorist attack in Iraq and many are killed. These actions are very offensive to God and must be stopped, or we must face the consequences of these actions.

Recently, the African Union just ended a submit in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital. “President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia attributed African unrest to drugs and arms trade. She vowed to stop the problem. "President Sirleaf acknowledged that growing traffiking and unchecked arms trade were funding insurgents across the continent of Africa, assuring that Liberia would lead campaign to try to contain the menace in the wake of the rise of militant groups as Boko Haram in Nigeria, alshabab in Somalia, the Tuareg rebels and the Ansar Dine militant groups in Mali- described as very disturbing.”

On 27 July, 2012, BBC reports:

"UN nations global arms treaty talk end without agreement."

It goes on to say: "Negotiations at the UN to achieve a land mark treaty to regulate the Conventional arms trade have ended without agreement. The US, followed by Russia and China said they needed more time to consider the issues. Some delegates accused the US of bowing to domestic pressure from the powerful gun lobby in the run up of Presidential elections, our correspondent says. With one person dying every minute because of armed violence, there is imperative for powerful states to lead, he said . The global arm sale is estimated to be worth between $60bn to $70bn $40-50bn) per year. Some 750,000 people are killed by illicit weapons each year."

The reason these nations won't sign the treaty is the financial gain they receive from this horrible trade, and the guns are not killing their own people, but other nations. Russia is supplying Syria arms to destroy her own people, China is in Africa enriching herself with Sudanese oil wells, and supplying the people with guns to kill themselves. America just signed millions of arms to Israel, and President Jimmy Carter said Israel has 150 nuclear bombs already. America supplies her with long term arms. Can you imagine the tons of arms in the Middle East? These World Power Nations have created favorable situation in the Middle East and Third World Nations for War: for these leaders in these nations to use guns and destroy their own people-these oppressive regimes; while the resources of the people are been looted. But don't deceive yourselves, The Third World Nuclear War will come to those nations that have created the problem because what you sow, you will reap. It is only a matter of time.

Proper Context of the Law:

A look at the Second Amendment to bear arms:

NRA argues that “they love guns and hate treaties.”

1 It is a constitutional rights to bear arms
2 Economic interests
3 Rights to self defense
4 Foreign policy interests

But this Second amendment is causing the deaths of many Americans and promoting oppressive regimes that use these guns to deny their people even basic human needs, and lead them to drugs and formulation of militant groups across the world, thereby defeating democracy in these nations.

Before the coming of Jesus, the Pharisees, the ruling class made the law so burdensome for the people and the people were crushed under the law, while themselves did not keep the law. The law became so minute and the result was: do that or don't do that or you are dead. The people couldn't keep the law. Even on Sabbath days, they couldn't be healed. They violated the law if they were doing something good for themselves. The people groaned under the law.

Jesus came and told the Jewish leaders- the Pharisees and the Sadducees that He came to fulfill the law- that is He is the right person who can interpret the law because He is God. He affirmed "the law was made for man, not man for the law." Moses brought law, but Jesus brought grace. Nobody can correctly live God's law, grace brought through His death on the cross enables humans and gives them power to keep God's commandments. "The law says, eye for eye, and tooth for tooth," but Jesus says "Love your enemies; bless them that curse you; and do good to those who hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you." Genuine believers in Jesus Christ can forgive and love their enemies through the grace of God, not human power. Is law nullified under grace or made invalid? No, the law is not void in the age of grace. Jesus says the law is created to make the lives of humans happier and blessed, not to destroy them. The law is meant to lift human progress and serve human purpose, not making people's lives unbearable. God's law gives peace and tranquility; anything created by humans called law should enhance their lives, not destroy it or make it fearful and miserable.

The law about gun control is causing pain to human beings across the nation, and the world-worse here in America. Should we not reevaluate the law on Second Amendment and make it suitable for human purpose? Even if the law is for self defense, Is it a license that everyone in America should have guns and guns sold to children? And then when they kill, they go under the defense of mental illness? If they are mentally ill, why sell the guns to them? Is this not a license to kill when you know someone is mentally deranged? Even adults are killing people they don't like, then they hire powerful lawyers to defend them. This is lack of discipline, understanding of law and freedom- freedom without responsibility and accountability.

Consequences of America's Arm Sale

1 It is not only that it is killing Americans: the Columbine Massacre; Virginia Tech, Congress woman Gabrielle Gifford, innocent teenager Trayvon Martin and the recent one in Colorado; it is also killing our leaders in every spheres of life- Professors and teachers, etc.
2 It is obvious now anybody can pay to kill anybody because everyone has a gun- it doesn't matter who they are; they can go on killing rampage and it is classified as mental illness.
3 Lives are being lost; intelligent and young lives killed unnecessarily; something that could be controlled and stopped or avoided.
4 It is also killing millions in other nations, undermining the great American democracy envied by the world. People are having less respect for American democracy. Guns are found in the hands of children in most turbulent regions of the world. Who is selling these guns to this nations?
5 NRA must understand whatever a man sows, that he reaps. A song writer said “He who kills by the guns, will also die by the guns.”
6 You cannot financially live at the expense of killing others through guns. It is wrong before God and they will be judgement someday.
7 Anybody can be a victim of gun shot, whether you like it or not. All of us are vulnerable in America now.
8 It is creating a fearful society psychologically and many are buying guns to protect themselves. and one day, we shall use the guns on each other.
9 The proliferation of guns in Middle East will only lead to Third World Nuclear War unless God intervenes. We must pray seriously for our nation. When we pray, God will change even the most horrible situations.

It will happen again:

Unless something is done quickly to bring an end to this interpretation of human law that could be amended, we are going to see another shooting and classify it again as mental illness. We must pray for our nation. It is a mark of weakness that this problem cannot be solved because of financial greed and political connections. It is improper understanding of freedom that is undisciplined – freedom where everybody can do and live the way they want. Freedom has degenerated into chaos, and it should not be so. We must do something about it.

Facing the truth as a nation:

The Scripture says: “Thou shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

It is God's truth that guides our moral conscience to love Him, do His will and love our neighbor. When you kill, or violate God's moral law, you lose your freedom and you become fearful. Facing the truth as a nation is part of democracy and a free nation. When we shroud our problems under silence because of financial greed and political connections, then we shall no longer be a free society. When a society lives by financial interests alone, and disregards wisdom-which is the fear of God and to depart from evil; family, education, strong just government that seeks justice for all its citizens and helps them live peaceful and prosperous lives, not short lives, then it crumbles. If everybody dies at gun shot in America and globally, a situation if not controlled, I wonder who will live in America. We would at that point destroy ourselves with our modern toy- "The Mighty Gun." A poem written by the writer on gun says this:


The silent watcher waits
In silence she lies
The killer toy
Waiting for the intruder
Can I really protect you?
The killer toy wonders
I am possessed by many
Who kill not the enemy
Who is the enemy?
The owner asks
The enemy the imagination
Disarm me
Destroy me
The killer toy begs
For I have destroyed
Nations, families and friends
How asks the owner?
Wipe imagination
Imprint peace in the imagination
And you will disarm me
And you will destroy me