Healthcare Verdict Huge Victory for the Poor

Healthcare Verdict Huge Victory for the Poor

Those who want to repeal health care, God spoke on June 28, 2012 and warned: He is in control, not humans. Nobody thought the health care was going to be upheld. The general assumption was that the health care was going to be struck down, but God came down and reminded us “He is God; He is in control. He is the God who sets up kingdoms and brings them down; He is the God who controls life and death; He is in control of democrats and republicans and He makes the overall decision. He affirmed the poor are close to His heart, you can’t oppress them. "The law is made for man, not man for the law." Jesus said this thousands of years ago. As the Pharisees were interpreting the law and making it a burden that caused deep anguish for the people. Jesus said He came to fulfill and interpret the law. The end of the law is not to make the people's life difficult and painful, but to give them prosperity and freedom. Anything outside this realm is what is "unconstitutional." The law that gives many people the freedom to have health care is constitutional before God. That means the law has been correctly interpreted. Every other argument about this health care debate is irrelevant.

When we look at the previous fallen world empires, one major reason that brought them down was oppression of the poor, the defenseless and those without voice. As we look across the glob now, we see powerful nations rattled and on the verge of collapse and war because of the treatment of their subjects; who elected them to rule, but they lead them into poverty. Global financial crisis has led to global poverty and unrest.

The verdict of June 28, 2012 by the highest Court in the land to uphold President Obama’s health care, is a miraculous breakthrough for the poor, those without voice and the defenseless; and a warning that the nation should be careful not to lapse into policies and decisions that destroyed previous empires: and must be careful how it treats the poor. At the heart of the volatile debate on healthcare is about money. Should healthcare be an issue to debate about? Healthcare should not be a privilege, but a right for all Americans. Every American should have healthcare coverage, not someone deciding whether you should die or not. That is the prerogative of God – a right that belongs only to God alone.

Some argued President Obama’s healthcare will add billions of dollars to the deficit. But on August 12, 2010, Washington Post Writer said: “A republican plan to extend tax cut for the rich would add more than 36 billions to the Federal deficit, and transfers the bulk of that cash into the pocket of the millionaires according to congregational analysis released on Wednesday.” Financial analysts said repealing healthcare will increase the deficit 230 billions of dollars. Nobody is been told of these truth and facts. Americans only hear this slogan: “Repeal the healthcare.” It was actually the broken healthcare system that was increasing the deficit that led the President to tackle the healthcare problem, and the firm promise he made to Americans to give them healthcare coverage..

The healthcare should not be unnecessary argument, but a moral issue of life and death- something that touches the conscience and our compassion. What if you were not rich, but extremely talented, but you are dying and without healthcare, knowing a good healthcare system could have saved you, would you like to live in a country like that? Where you are denied healthcare? This should not be a partisan issue or democrat or republican thing, but an issue that challenges all of us as Americans. You could die any moment if the insurance company continues to stipulate who dies or lives because of love for money or greed.

What God says about oppressing the poor:

‘He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his maker, but he that honoureth him hath mercy from God.” Proverbs 14:31

God takes seriously how political leaders, spiritual leaders, corporate leaders or whoever in leadership position treats the poor. Many nations of the world are made poor by their greedy and corrupt leaders today. They see leadership as a place to enrich themselves and make money, instead of a place to serve the people who elected them. Any leader, king, president, who oppresses the poor will not last long.

King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon ruled and conquered the ancient world: 605 BC to 562 BC, the now modern Iraq. King Nebuchadnezzar was so powerful, but arrogant and oppressed the poor. God sends Daniel, a Jewish scholar, prophet and next to the king to warn him with these words:

“Therefore, O king be pleased to accept my advice; Renounce your sins by doing what is right; and your wickedness by being kind to the oppressed. It may be then your prosperity will continue.” Daniel 4:27

Another translation says:
“Wherefore O king, let my counsel be acceptable unto thee and break off thy sins by righteousness and iniquities by showing mercy to the poor. It may be a lengthening to your tranquility.” Daniel 4:27

That means the leader or king or president or spiritual leader, or otherwise, can see his or her throne come down because of oppression of the poor. That is how serious this is before God.

This verdict on health care is a warning to those who are still insisting on killing the healthcare to be careful. You are fighting with God. Actually, the healthcare is for the vulnerable, elderly, handicap, and millions who are poor without it, not for the rich. Recall your conscience back and compassion. God is saying don’t touch this- everything is not money. That money you have can be taken away from you the next day and you will become destitute and poor. Your life may be taken away without actually enjoying the money you boast about. God says to you who oppresses the poor or don’t care about them with these words:

“Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.” Proverbs 21:13

Those who want to repeal the health care as leaders of the people, don’t do it. It is a stern warning from the verdict of June 28, 2012. No one expected the health care would be upheld. But those who love the Lord knew God will avenge His righteousness and glory, and that truth must prevail against deceit and lies. God says don’t torch the verdict. If you do, in your own hour of need, when you cry, He will not hear you because you oppress the poor, you don’t care about them.

I say it again those who are determined to repeal healthcare must be careful less you incur the anger of God. If we claim to be people of faith, then let us show it in our attitude towards our fellow Americans who are poor. “By their fruits ye shall know them” should be the hall mark of those who profess faith, not hate, lies, greed, not lack of compassion and love for conscience. The leader who wants to repeal healthcare, remember it is not a partisan problem, democrat or republican. God says to you:

“Defend the poor and the fatherless, do justice to the poor, the needy, rid them out of the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 82:3&4. Don’t defend only those you love as a leader, but even the loveless, the poor, those without voice, the rich, white or black. We are all Americans- We need each other. Without justice and truth, the nation falls. Without the poor, the rich will not have anyone to help them, and they will fall, while the poor die out being oppressed. Then the nation crumbles.