Forgiveness & Healing Bring National Restoration

Forgiveness & Healing Bring National Restoration

“Can we all just get along,” spoken by Rodney King who passed away on June 17, 2012 will continually remind us that America is made of all nationalities of the world, and must learn to live together in harmony. We all need each other: black or white, rich or poor. Until we begin to think and live this concept, America will remain in deadly conflict, specially the Congress, political parties, businesses and corporations that rule us. That will lead to the collapse of the nation like other previous empires.

Let us analytically look at areas that need national restoration as we seek to apply forgiveness and healing in our country.

• Congress

• Who rules:

1 Does it matter?
2 Power struggle
3 Can lead to plots, lies and murder

• Jobs

• Healthcare & the vulnerable

• A house divided cannot stand

1 Congress

Congress has been in gridlock since President Obama became the President of United States. This President was overwhelmingly elected by majority of Americans. He came into office at a time of national calamity, and has set his heart to change and help America. Though many have forgotten, but those with conscience remember America was despised vehemently when President Obama was sworn in. Everything he has done has been shrouded in envy, ridicule and hopelessness. It is said that no president in American history has achieved what President Obama did in his first two years in office. It is not that everything he has done or implemented are the best policies or the best everything or he has never made mistakes.

But the overall job done considering what enormous mess he inherited saved America from financial collapse and corrected the job process that was been lost in thousands; and implemented policies previous presidents have sought to implements in past decades; and still works hard to complete the job he began. Here is a man who has always sought to help American people, will defy his political party to compromise and help American people. I cannot begin to enumerate all that President Obama has done for American people.

Congress should back him, work together with him and do things for the American people, but people who love the truth see only ridicule, plots, threats, power struggle in Congress to get him out of office. Job acts and import initiations for the people’s business and progress have ceased to take place. Congress goes on holidays and gets paid without a disturbance of conscience that asks “what have we done for the people who elected us?”


Does it matter who rules us?

Does it really matter who rules us? Whether a democrat or a republican? What matters is what the person does or the political party for the people who elected them. Last week, we looked at Nehemiah’s exceptional leadership qualities and saw how productive it was: his burden for his people’s suffering and national shame; how he found favor before the king to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem; how he began the work and absolutely relied on the Lord and not people; how he rebuked the nobles who were oppressing the poor; how completely focused on rebuilding the walls; how he remained resolute in face of threats because his faith was strongly embedded in God; how they tried to lure him from the work he was doing, and he told them he was doing a great work and could not leave it for a secondary thing; and how he finally finished the work of rebuilding the walls.

That is what the leader does - whether democratic or republican leader; what Nehemiah did is what the leader does: rebuild the broken walls of the people, when it is a national shame, ridicule and burden for America. President Obama has been trying to change the situation since he inherited the mess. He has tried to create jobs, healthcare for all; significant thing like student loan; elderly progress, small businesses, children, etc. Why should these things result in envy, ridicule, threats and lies? It should be accepted by both parties to elevate and help the nation if you are really called to lead and help the people.

This kind of world view can only lead to the overthrow of a genuine elected government or otherwise. Congress is not elected to fight for power, who rules and who don’t, but humbly serve the people. The struggle for power has made Congress unproductive. The struggle for power is causing a real global overthrow of nations and impoverishing the world. Does it matter the political party ruling the nation, or what they are doing to help the people who elected them-whether they are black or white, red or yellow? We are one nation.

Struggle for power can lead to envy, murder, lies, planting stories and plots. We saw it in Nehemiah’s attempt to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. They were those not concerned about the problem facing the nation and how to solve it, but wanted power and sought to kill, plot and destroy Nehemiah. That is what happens in a divided government.

Who rules us is in God’s hands; according to His sovereign purposes and will. He is in control of heaven and earth, death and life. The one struggling for power may not live the next day. God exalts whoever He wills in leadership position for His glory, and end time purposes. You can’t be king or president or any leadership position unless God wills it. You may usurp and overthrow through authoritarian means, sooner or later, the leader falls. You can’t buy these things or scheme over them, it is for those already destined for it, to the glory of God. These are what people don’t understand who plot, lie and scheme for political positions. God sets up kings and brings them down according to His plans and purposes.

Congress, work with the President God has given to you. Stop making things hard for him, or trying to get rid of him. If we claim to know God like many of us do, then, let us put it in practice and search our conscience and listen to God’s voice in us, and treat others with love and respect. It is not about political parties, but about implementing policies that will help the people.



The job situation is been withheld for a purpose by businesses and corporations. They can create jobs, but won’t. Where is your burden and compassion for the American people? Without the people, you will not make that huge money you made. Now, in their hour of need, you will not give them jobs. Do you know God can take the money away from you and your business will fall? This is because you know what is right, but refuses to do it. God is the only one who changes times and seasons.

Corporations and businesses, create jobs for the masses who are struggling and suffering. Parents can’t send their kids to school, they can’t feed their families; people can’t pay their rents. These are Americans who love this country and want to work; who elected you to Congress; who made you rich. Many bills that can be implemented for jobs and other things are lying in Congress, Do you know this can bring the hand of God in judgment against the nation?

Democrats and republicans come together and create jobs; corporations and businesses create jobs and alleviate problem for the masses suffering and struggling. Do what is right because God is watching. It is not enough to go to Church, temples, mosques, but been obedient to God’s will and do what God tells you to do in your heart and conscience.


Healthcare & the vulnerable

Healthcare should never be repealed for the vulnerable in our societies. It amazes and baffles me when I see people in Congress and leaders loudly proclaim the repeal of the Healthcare. I wonder where is the human conscience in us? Where is compassion for the poor? Many of these people, who want to repeal the healthcare where once very poor. Can’t you remember when you were poor and put yourself in other’s shoes. Now, you are rich, you want to oppress the poor. My heart cries when I hear those who want to repeal healthcare. What will the following people do?

• People with pre-exiting condition
• Children under their parent’s insurance
• Millions without healthcare
• Elderly services and care

These are times for our nation to ponder and reflect on our decisions that are shaping the nation. It is the choices of previous falling empires. We must be careful the kind of leadership we choose as a nation; not of political interest sorely. But of those who are compassionate; with moral integrity; with conscience and fear God; who can love both black and white, rich or poor; who have goals and vision willing to help and lead the nation to a better life of material and spiritual prosperity God ordained for them.


A house divided against itself cannot stand

We are one nation and must come together, white or black, poor or rich. There are those who seek to divide us through race; who see the President as not one of us; there are those who seek to divide through material wealth and look in disdain those who are poor; there are those who divide through political power or business power, or whatever way you are seeking to divide America, it is not right before God.

We are one nation and a house divided against itself will not stand. Sooner or later, it falls. We must come together, love and forgive each other so the Lord will heal the country and restore our former glory. These are very uncertain times. It is a time of confession of political sin, fear and wickedness pervading the nation. We must come together black, white, rich or poor and help each other restore our national interests, not just for the few among us. Remember, you can’t live without others.

Congress must come together and stop partisan politics that has rendered the nation ineffective and powerless to do the people’s business. Division will finally lead to our down fall. Everybody must search their conscience, confess and forsake sin and wickedness to each other so God will heal our land. God promises to forgive and heal the land if we will turn from our wicked ways.