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To My Dear Friend, Michael Koran By Elizabeth A. Kanze

To my dear friend ,Michael Koran from Elizabeth Kanze. I was on your Radio Show at 2:00 - 4:00pm on June 19 , 2012. It's was a wonderful Radio Show ,because Michael Koran and I talked about the childhood abuse we lived through. I felt Michael, is very giving person ,and when he has a show ,he puts his heart and soul into this he's shows.
This show is call 'AHAH!' and he all so has a BeLive Show on Sunday's at 7:00pm to 7:30pm. On his BeLive Show he brings in guests ,and the guests tell their stories.
Michael Koran wrote a poetry book call, 'Verse To Better ,A Poem For Each Day of The Year'. I love his book and you can come down to CCTV to get your copy on ever Tuesday form 2:00PM to 4:00pm. Michael will be at CCTV at that time doing this Radio Show live.
Now, I am a week guest on Michael's Radio Show and I enjoy the time with him ,because I am learning so much
from Michael Koran. He brings so much insight about his works and he's deep understanding of himself.
Michael is a gift from god. I am someone who has a hard time believing in a god ,because I lived through childhood sexual abuse. I helped Michael on that day ,I was on his Radio Show. Michael, is a good friend to me.
His is a gift from god ,because he helped see that I am a good person and I am loving person. Thank you, Michael for being my friend. Finding the right words of you understanding heart is so hard to find ,because Michael you moved me happy tears. My e-mail :