Coming Soon!..Exploring the African American Experience in Cambridge!

Yes! Finally!...I am happy to announce, I have finished my long version of "Exploring the African American Experience in Cambridge". If you haven't seen the short (6-min) piece that was part of the 'You Are Here" video news magazine, last year aired on an episode around February or March of 2006, than it may not bother you that you missed out. But you will see the full length version coming up in a couple of weeks. It has taken a year to research all the information, and gather pictures and things that were needed for this (57'36-minuite Documentary Lecture), not to mention the numerous editing issues that I had with it, how many times I had to go over it, and so many other things I could talk about, but I won't. The main thing is that it is finally done, and ready to air.
I created this powerful piece, after attending a lecture titled "There is no Peace-the Abolition Movement in Cambridge and Boston" in April 2006, presented by the African American Heritage Trail Commission and Alliance, who invited Genealogist Business Women, Kenyatta D. Berry, to diliver a interesting and informative 'Exploration of the African American Experience in Cambridge'. If you are new to Cambridge, or have lived here forever, maybe, you may or may not know that Cambridge is, and was, and still is rich with Diversity and Culture. Not to mention that alot of our Ancestors here, as well as our Seniors Citizens, whom are still alive, came here thru Slavery, or the Underground Railroad. Some were Freed Slaves, or Runaway Slaves looking for a way to be free. There is so much to learn and be aware of, and to appreciate in life, and this is the opportunity to become aware and informed about our Town here, called Cambridge, Massachusetts.
I hope you get the opportunity to see this piece on "Exploring the African American Experience in Cambridge", and feel free to let me know how you felt and your contructive critisim.
I am certainly open for all your comments and suggestions for future pieces to come, if you have an idea, let me know.
Also, you can contact the African American Heritage Trail Committee, for more information, thru City Hall. Ask the Mayor, Honorable Kenneth Reeves about them, he is also a member.
Matter of fact, the group has brought me, 'The Angel' on board as well, and is looking for more inspiring members who want to contribute to the African American Historical Experience. So Support the Group in their endeavors and learn more about them.
Take Care and enjoy, your 'One and Only Angel of the Airwaves'
Yours Truelly
Angel Naphtalie