Age Engage Teaches 21 Seniors During Google Serve Week

Age Engage Teaches 21 Seniors During Google Serve Week

  • Posted on: 12 June 2012
  • By: Clodagh

As part of Google Serve Week, an initiative to get Google employees engaged in community service, CCTV and Google offered two Age Engage workshops this month. Age Engage is a collaboration between CCTV and Google that matches Google employees with people over 50 that are interested in learning Internet skills. CCTV and Google began working together to offer Age Engage in December of 2011 and plan to offer monthly workshops during 2012.

Some of the things participants had to say about Age Engage include:

"We learned how to scan pictures, attach them to emails, download pictures from emails onto computer, and post them on Facebook."

"We went over various topics(Email, Search, Docs, News, etc) and learned interesting things about how to work within each. Moving around, saving, etc."

"My tutor was very patient with me."

"This is very helpful to the community."

For more information about Age Engage and upcoming sessions, click here.