Cambridge News

Susan Fleischmann, Nov 13, 18
A discussion with Reverend Irene Monroe about the midterms, the gains made, and the latest antics of POTUS. 11-12-2018
Peter Levine, Nov 7, 18
On this episode of Cambridge Uncovered, the focus is on addiction recovery. CCTV Cambridge News correspondent Kristina Kehrer is joined by Sargeant Louis Cherubino and Social Worker Sabrina Voegelin from the Cambridge Police Department (CPD), as well as Pat Medeiros of Cambridge...
Ella Greely, Nov 6, 18
Resist and Persist: Live Election Coverage Hosted by Bryan Sutton on CCTV Channel 9 from 9PM - 11PM A Free Speech TV Broadcast of Live Election Coverage Put on by Democracy Now on CCTV Channel 8 from 7PM - 1AM
Jackhammer on sidewalk.
Helen Kobek, Nov 1, 18
Two long-time, loving friends, are attacking each other. Biting, clawing. Raising welts. Causing bleeding. They are mauling each other, far from the snuggling together they used to enjoy. Actually, these friends are blood relatives. Now they are drawing blood, that's how...
Dana Awartani
Siobhan Bredin, Oct 31, 18
I was excited to explore the current exhibition of Islamic design in contemporary art on view at Cambridge Arts Gallery 344 through November 30. The show, which features work by 13 artists from around the world, includes a wide array of styles and media. Exhibition curator,...
Susan Fleischmann, Oct 30, 18
A discussion about the massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, the murder of two African American shoppers in Kentucky, anti-semitism, the incitement of violence, and Question 3 on the Massachusetts ballot, ensuring rights for transgender people.
Peter Levine, Oct 29, 18
Every Sunday from 4-6pm, a group of volunteers meet in Central square to campaign for an array of causes. The event is called Activist Afternoons, and it aims to make it easier for volunteers and organizers to work on issues. Activist Afternoon attendees range from first-time...
Beverly Mire, Oct 22, 18
This year's Cambridge Homecoming will be celebrated in a variety of ways. CRLS, CHLS and Rindge Tech alumni are invited to the following events. A link for tickets is provided at the end of the schedule. EVENTS Friday, 11/09 - CRLS Musical "Honk" - 7:00 pm @ the...
Close photo of yellow house shingles.
Helen Kobek, Oct 17, 18
Some of us want not to get house shingles. They usually require unique maintenance (like scraping, repainting, or staining every four or five years). Laborious. So if you want to prevent your house from getting shingles, you have to stay home all the time by day during outdoor...
Tanina Carrabotta, Oct 14, 18
With the imminent arrival of Fantastic Beast 2 on November 16, 2018, Harry Potter mania is back again. Harry Potter events have been popping up everywhere. Rumor has it that Harvard is American's Hogwarts. Looking at the architecture around town, you can imagine you are in your...
Tanina Carrabotta, Oct 9, 18
Loud sounds of brass bands rumble down Mass Ave. as families await the HONK! parade. The parade marched from Somerville to Harvard Square. It ended in a festival filling the streets. Now in its 12th year, bands from around the world and local Cantabrigian gather, giving voice to...
Susan Fleischmann, Oct 2, 18
A discussion about the fallout from the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh: PTSD, triggering, white male privilege, frat boy and mob behavior. 10-1-2018