Cambridge News

Beverly Mire, Jun 30, 20
I had one of those moments we never want to go through last Friday when I watched an elderly friend as she was lifted into an ambulance (spoiler alert: she’s fine and was home within hours). Three of us watched helplessly as the ambulance pulled away because no one was allowed...
DC 2020 Festival
Siobhan Bredin, Jun 27, 20
Peter DiMuro, Executive Artistic Director of the Dance Complex, opened the 2020 virtual Festival of Us, You, We,...
Covid Cocktail
Beverly Mire, Jun 21, 20
Hello fellow forced isolationists, So I woke up this morning like I usually do, happy to face the day for about 10 seconds. Then it dawned on me (pun intended) that we’re living in a no person’s land somewhere between pandemic and race war. Today I’m facing a particular...
Photo: planted-out bed of vegetables
Helen Kobek, Jun 12, 20
Born of the coronavirus pandemic, fueled by the ever-present need for human connection, the neighborly grassroots organization Cambridge City Growers (CCG) plunges its nurturing, eager hands into both the soil and the Cambridge community. In response to the coronavirus...
2020 Stream Fest
Siobhan Bredin, Apr 15, 20
“One of the great beauties of art as a connective tissue in our communities is the joy it brings to lift us up” said Jason Weeks, Executive Director of the Cambridge Arts Council. Jason talked with CCTV earlier this week to share the approaches and strategies Cambridge Arts...
Red-tailed hawk in flight, wings spread wide, soaring, dark blue sky with moon.
Helen Kobek, Apr 1, 20
Look up! Into the sky! If you are in the right place, like in Cambridge’s Mount Auburn Cemetery, you’ll see some red-tailed hawks (a.k.a. “red-tails”) soaring above you, to and from their nests. Graceful, seeking, at home. The sky is their home. You’ll also likely hear one...
American cities face COVID-19
Joe Creason, Apr 1, 20
An entire world of change has happened in the past 18 days. Eighteen days ago I was standing on the eighth floor of my dorm on the border of Downtown Crossing and Chinatown. My roommates read aloud an email from the Emerson College administration, declaring that Friday March...
Cambridge Women's Heritage Walks
Siobhan Bredin, Mar 29, 20
March is U.S. Women’s History Month and there are many notable women and organizations to celebrate in Cambridge, from Maria Baldwin, the first African American woman school principal in Massachusetts, to the feminist group that organized the occupation of a Harvard owned...
Susan Fleischmann, Mar 19, 20
Cambridge Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui and Vice Mayor Alanna Mallon bring us up to date on the City's efforts to address the impact of COVID-19 on our community: the Mayor's Disaster Relief Fund, the Cambridge Community Foundation Artist Relief Fund...
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 18, 20
Boston resident Meia Geddes shares the love with her friends in Cambridge.
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 17, 20
A submission to the Quarantine Confessional series. A tour of Seth's room.
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 17, 20
A submission to the Quarantine Confessional series. Peter plays an instrument and shares his feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic.