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Meme: Two human hands connecting via finger tips touching: Suicide is 100% preventable...Speak up, reach out.
Helen Kobek, Sep 25, 18
Many of us – perhaps you, or a friend – have been close to that edge. That edge of such squeezing despair that the only seemingly valid or liberating action is suicide. Perhaps you have known people who have taken their own lives. Most of us do know someone, or many someones....
Susan Fleischmann, Sep 25, 18
An interview with Eve Sullivan the Co-Founder and President of the Parents Forum, a nonprofit that provides training in emotional awareness and peer support for parents and others. 9-24-2018
Saints Cosmas and Damian
Tanina Carrabotta, Sep 20, 18
Every September. Cambridge hosts an Italian festival celebrating the healing saints, Cosmas and Damian. They were twin brother from Syria who were doctors in the third century. They were well known as patrons of healing arts. At the carnival, music, rides and food filled the...
Susan Fleischmann, Sep 18, 18
A conversation with Executive Director Linda Burton about the history and current programs at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. 9-17-2018
Tanina Carrabotta, Sep 14, 18
A famous Vermont puppet troop sets up a circus in the park. Bread and Puppet, a 50 years old company, promoted peaceful protest through puppets. This year's performance, "The Grasshopper Rebellion Circus", shared their activism with the Cambridge community. The show features a...
Photo: Erect white momument surrounded by red, white, and pink flowers, low growing.
Helen Kobek, Sep 2, 18
Surrounded by a cross-me-not mote of tender, multicolored flowers, a monument in honor of Scituate native Reverend Charles Torrey stands tall and sharp-to-the-sky in the Mount Auburn Cemetery. The monument, erect where he lies buried, is a tribute to the man, a martyred...
Listening to the City Cover
Siobhan Bredin, Aug 31, 18
“This book is the result of a year-long collaboration that arose from a shared desire to explore how sound – including the human voice - can enrich our understanding of place. Although no single truth exists, we often narrate and come to our own understanding about a community...
Mariama Ndiaye, Aug 31, 18
Cambridge Naturals is a natural health store located in Cambridge on 23 White Street. This store is in the Porter Square area, and provides natural wellness products such as; nutritional supplements, body care, food and many more! The business was founded in 1974, and ever since...
Susan Fleischmann, Aug 28, 18
A discussion with Chris Schmidt from Upgrade Cambridge about the need for municipal broadband in the city. 8-27-2018
Kendall Square Rooftop Garden
Tanina Carrabotta, Aug 27, 18
Go on the hunt for Kendall Square's secret roof top garden, located on top of a grey parking garage. You may just miss it. It's a place to relax all year round. I took photos in both winter and summer. See how much has grown. There is now a beautiful garden with flowers and...
Cambride Water Works
Tanina Carrabotta, Aug 25, 18
Have you ever wondered where your Cambridge water comes from? Worried if your water is safe to drink? Why not find out by taking a free tour of the Cambridge water department. I was curious to learn more so, I took the tour. During the tour, I was allowed to see the big...
men and women performing active improv on a stage
Helen Kobek, Aug 22, 18
We humans can be a serious lot, can’t we? Especially these days, whatever “these days” means. Aren’t all days “these days”? I suppose it means that, lately, we focus a lot on politics, petitions, and protests! All important things. But so is laughter, the best medicine. So it is...