Cambridge News

Ryan Normandin, Jul 8, 19
Richard Sheingold, Jun 28, 19
Bicycling in Cambridge used to be unpopular. Then came bicycling via the now popular Blue Bike program. The yearly price is $99. Blue Bikes can be useful even if you own your own bike Blue Bikes is a convenient way to get around town. Blue Bikes have expanded from last year. In...
Richard Sheingold, Jun 27, 19
The Department of Public Works or DPW goes above and beyond the needs of all people who use the cities sidewalks. Regardless of your age or ability, those who walk, bide, roll (skateboard), stroll, take the bus, drive or use any means to get around. The DPW goes to great lengths...
Peter Levine, Jun 27, 19
Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) Neighbor's Iftar from Cambridge Community Television on Vimeo. A short documentary showing an evening during Ramadan where Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) invited neighbors and community members to join them in their Iftar (break-fast...
Tanina Carrabotta, Jun 24, 19
Summer is here. Are you looking for an outdoor adventure but don't want to leave Cambridge? Stop by and rent a kayak at Kendall Square. You can paddle on your own or with a friend in a two person kayak. There are so many exciting places to see on the Charles River. I took some...
Entrance to the Hurley Street Neighborhood Farm
Lily Robinson, Jun 21, 19
If you’ve ever eaten a peach in December, you know that even produce that can be grown in New England is often shipped to your local grocery store from afar. According to a summary produced by the USDA, 3 states: California, Arizona, and Florida, accounted for just over 75% of...
Peter Levine, Jun 20, 19
This piece delves into various viewpoints on the Affordable Housing Overlay -- a zoning proposal aimed to increase opportunities for affordable housing developments in the city. Perspectives on the Affordable Housing Overlay from Cambridge Community Television on Vimeo.
Susan Fleischmann, Jun 19, 19
John Heymann is a photographer who has been living and working in Cambridge for decades. Photographs from his current project, "Mass Ave in Cambridge," are now on view in CCTV'd Karen Aqua Gallery. 6-17-2019
Susan Fleischmann, Jun 11, 19
A discussion with Sharon Zimmerman, the Executive Director of Cambridge Camping, about the organization's 125th anniversary and the growth of its programs. 6-10-2019
Richard Sheingold, Jun 6, 19
Because of accidents in Inman Square at the intersection of Beacon and Cambridge St. including a tragic bicycle.accident; City Manager louis A. Despasquale describes his plan for an intersection of improvement Project. here you will read about the construction update. Mr....
Susan Fleischmann, Jun 5, 19
Reverend Irene Monroe discusses the 50 year anniversary of the Stonewall riot that kicked off the modern LGBT movement and provides context for LGBT life in New York City and Boston in the 70s and 80s. 6-3-2019
2019 River Festival poster
Siobhan Bredin, Jun 2, 19
It was a beautiful day on June 1, as crowds turned out to enjoy live performances, hands-on crafts, parades, food, information from non-profits, a climate change area, magnetic poetry, an arts bazaar, and more!