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Who cares about the weather when you've just won the Super Bowl and successfully inflated, nationally disgraced deflated balls, eh? I predict a lot of whistling while we work today shoveling another foot or more of snow. One of the signs held by Pats fans at the Super Bowl stadium in Glendale, Arizona, read, "Get the Job Done," an all around true Boston sentiment.

But that was yesterday and today it's about the weather. I bring good news and bad.
For the glass half full crowd, a glimpse of light from The Old Farmer's Almanac Gardening calendar. The calendar gives a prediction about upcoming weather based on what happens today, February 2. "If Candlemas Day be dark with clouds and rain, winter is gone and won't come again." "Now what we have today is a meandering rain/snow line that begins sometime this afternoon. Snow is not rain, but if we can get that rain/snow line to wander up here to Cambridge then we may be in luck.

The bad news: Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow; six more weeks of winter.

For those who don't know, today is a very old Christian-Pagan holiday known as Candlemas to Christians, and Imbolc to Pagans.

Christians also know Candlemas as the Purification of the Virgin. It is the end of a forty-day period after which Mary gave birth to the baby Jesus on December 25. The tradition was, and may still be in Eastern Orthodox Christian churches that women had to wait forty days after childbirth to enter a church or temple due to "uncleanliness."
For pagans, it is a Festival of Lights, a Midwinter Festival, and a celebration of the Celtic Goddess Brighid, and it commemorates the changing of the Goddess from Crone to the Maiden. It is the celebration of an impending seasonal change, where despite the snow covered ground a scent of spring can be felt on the horizon.

Can you feel it Boston?!


What a nice piece to enjoy in the middle of another blizzard! I feel the coming of Spring each evening when the light lasts a bit longer. Imbolc is also a great time to nurture seeds of creativity that will blossom in the Spring.

@ Siobhan - as we used to say in the 90s, "Blessed Be." Thank you Siobhan. No rain in Cambridge yesterday...