The 88th Annual Feast of Cosmas & Damian

The 88th Annual Feast of Cosmas & Damian


Every year during the first days of September, the east side of Cambridge is ablaze with the colors and confetti of ritual and tradition. The main street in Kendall Square becomes littered with bright feathers and shiny sequins, while a roaring crowd parades to the loud backbeat of the Caribbean Carnival.

Several blocks to the north, the intersection of Cambridge and Warren is draped in the Italian colors of green, red, and white, while Gaeta Square (Warren and Porter) busies itself in preparation for the joyous, healing, and hardworking rituals performed during the Feast of Cosmas and Damian.

In an age where six-year-old computers are considered antiques and cell phones are upgraded more often than under-garments, the tradition of feasts and festivals brought to America from a diverse immigrant population is more important than ever before. The visual connection to the past, the partaking of old world rituals, and the neighborly bonding that happens while marching up and down the streets of Cambridge, creates a tightly-woven, warm and inviting, fabric of community.

This year was the 88th Annual Feast of Cosmas and Damian. VIVA!

The Saints Cosmas and Damian Society


Cool Kristina. You're a terrific neighborhood reporter.

Thanks B.! It is easy in a place like this!