Friday Night March on Harvard

Friday Night March on Harvard

Students and supporters march in solidarity with #BlackLives Matter

  • Posted on: 13 December 2014
  • By: bevmire

Poetry, song and diversity marked a peaceful gathering of hundreds of Harvard Students and their #BlackLivesMatter supporters last night (Friday, December 12) at Harvard's Science Plaza. The event came a day before thousands were expected to march nationwide to protest the deaths of black men and women at the hands of policemen.

After marching from their respective schools, students and professors took to the stage to chant, to sing, to recite poetry, and to comfort. The crowd was decidedly Cambridge, diverse ethnically and in age, ranging from babies in strollers to elders who marched in the '60s. Young men and women walked through the crowd wearing facemasks on which "we can't breathe" was written. Little boys and girls stood holding their parents' hands.

The most heartwrenching moment may have been when a young poet spoke to her as-yet unborn son, warning him of the dangers he would face as a young black man and speaking of the unthinkable she herself might face if police violence continues unabated. Melissa Bartholomew from the divinity school asked all to lock arms in solidarity. There was fiery call-and-response and joyous songs. City councilor Leland Cheung spoke urgently about the need to diversify our police forces.

When the program came to a close, the crowd marched through Cambridge. True to the spirit of the evening, the event was peaceful. In fact, the loudest noise was made by helicopters circling overhead.

And while the crowd gathered in Science Plaza, the police were nearly invisible.