How to Subscribe to our RSS Video Channels!

How to Subscribe to our RSS Video Channels!

  • Posted on: 20 December 2005
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We've been looking at a number of alternative media distribution techniques for our programming here at CCTV and one of the most promising has turned up in the shape of RSS. Selected video programming has been available on our web site for a while now, and our live webstream carries programming from our local Channel 9 24/7, but the RSS method brings along more opportunties to distribute our programming to a wider audience.

RSS, Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, depending on what you believe, is a method of publishing recent content entries on many contemporary web sites which can be posted automatically to countless sources by an simple aggregation script. In short, stories from CCTV have the potential to automatically appear on other sites without contacting the web administrator.

Recently the RSS platform has evolved to include enclosures in the published text files so that media, including images, audio and video, can be carried across RSS feeds as well. There are a flurry of video and audio RSS aggregators in development and we have chosen a few of the top ones to experiment with.

Participatory Culture DTV: Download
Participatory Culture's DTV application is in the 'Very Beta' stage but still very useable for the average Mac head. Whats nice about this player is that it is totally scalable and you can watch the videos in a big, big window without a lot of work. Download the software and click the 'Add Channel' button and enter this link:

FireANT: Download
We like ANT because of its being developed by other people in the public access and community television world and has our interests in mind. Also a straight forward installation and configuration, download, install, and with the 'Add Channel' button you should enter this link: You should refresh the channel and start viewing!

iPodderX: Download
This is another multi-platform program podcast retriever. Take a look, the instructions are clear enough for adding a new channel. The link is still:

iTunes Client: Download
iTunes is a popular Mac based media player that has recently opened up a 'podcasting' aggregator in their client software, and it works on Mac's and PC's! In the case of iTunes, download the software from the link above and from the 'Advanced' menu select 'Subscribe to Podcast' item. Then enter in this address and start watching:

iPod Video Player: Download
No surprises, Apple's iPod portable music player now handles video playback. Use a different link to take your CCTV programming with you on the road, in iTunes use the link below, download the videos, and transfer them to your iPod:

If you have a favorite RSS browser that handles podcasts, vodcasts and the like feel free to send us suggestions and links and we'll include them up here. Thanks for checking us out and keep your aggregators locked on our feed for all our new, locally produced media in the days to come.