National Conference for Media Reform

National Conference for Media Reform

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Archived Media Coverage

Conference Streaming Schedule

CCTV provided limited coverage of conference events and workshops. In order to view media you must have the most recent Mac or PC version of QuickTime (minimum version 6) installed on your computer. We have also posted archived videos of past stream sessions, you can view these videos from the column at right.

Archived Event Media:

The following list of files are archived versions of the live video streamed during the conference. Clips are archived in ZIP format and they must be downloaded and decompressed in order to view as QuickTime movies. You must have QuickTime installed to view the clips (minimum version 6, Mac or PC.) If you have problems viewing this media please refer to the help questions at left.

» Welcome and Opening Plenary

May 13, 2005. This recording features Mark Cooper, Malkia Cyril, Amy Goodman, Janine Jackson, and Robert McChesney. Approx 1h 20mins.

» Keynote Event

May 14, 2005. This event is broken into shorter pieces for faster downloads. Total running time approx 2 hours.

» Media Ownership and Consolidation Session

May 13, 2005. This session features Gene Kimmelman, Frank Blethen, Linda Foley, and Federico Subervi. (Minor audio issues in first five mins, sorry about that...) Approx 57mins.

» Independent Media: Creating the Solution Session

May 13, 2005. This session features Craig Aaron, Laura Flaunders, Robert Greenwald, Linda Jue, and Salim Muwakkil. Approx 50mins.

» The Telecom Act: Gearing up for the Big One Session

May 13, 2005. This session features Russ Newman, John Arnold, Mark Cooper, and Lauren Glenn Davitian. Approx 60mins

» Citizen Pressure and Media Policy: Tips from the Legistlators Session

May 14, 2005. This session features Rep. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Maurice Hinchey, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, and Rep. Diane Watson. (Video error on last 15 minutes, but audio is fine. Sorry about that...) Approx 60mins

» Closing Plenary

May 15, 2005. This event is broken into shorter pieces for faster downloads. Total running time approx 2 hours.


This media is the property of Cambridge Community Television. Please email us if you have questions.

Long Answers to Quick Questions...

I am unable to view the live streaming media, what could be wrong?

For starters, the conference is finished and we are no longer streaming live media.

If you are having problems viewing live media in general there are a few things you can check. Firstly check your computer has the most recent versions of QuickTime installed. Then check the QuickTime control panel to be sure that 'streaming on port 80' is enabled and be sure that your computer is not behind any unnecessary firewalls or obstructive routers.

There is a possibility that you may also experience a temporary network backup which causes your video or audio to freeze. This can happen at the server, in your home or office, or anywhere in between. If this happens, close the viewing window, take a deep breath, and start the stream again.

Sometimes the stream looks great, sometimes it I get no audio or no video. Huh?

Sending full quality video across the internet is like trying to fit a tennis ball through a drinking straw. Streaming media must be highly compressed and the result is generally a low resolution and poor representation of the original picture. The technology to deliver 'broadcast quality' media over the internet will someday exist and be affordable, but for now, this is what we get.

The conference site had a very unreliable internet service. While it was our best intention to provide you with viewable media for many of the sessions, we experienced some complications that were beyond our control.

The archived media posted at left are copies of originally streamed media, and have been adjusted for a better viewing and listening experience that what you may have seen on the live feeds.

When I click on the archive session I want to see, nothing happens. What's up with that?

There is a high demand for certain video clips and our modest website hosting service may not be able to distribute downloads fast enough. The temporary solution is to wait a minute or two and try again, that usually solves the problem.

I really, really want to get a copy of this on DVD. Who do I talk to?

CCTV provided streaming media only. Free Press may have plans to distribute video tapes or DVDs of conference coverage, please contact them with inquiries. Click here.

This is pretty cool, how could I stream video of my own?

We do this all the time! Our non-profit community television organization in Cambridge, MA, streams video 24/7 across the internet from one of our local cable channels. Click here to see!

We use a relatively low cost system that requires a few small hardware purchases, a highspeed internet connection, and a properly configured QuickTime Streaming Server (a component included in the OS X Server package.) We would be happy to talk you through the process of building and configuring your own low cost video streaming setup. Just get in touch.

You folks are awesome, who are you?

The following organizations and individuals have all played roles in making this streaming possible:

Cambridge Community Television provided technology and on-site service and support. CCTV serves the city of Cambridge and surrounding areas of Massachusetts with training and access to communications technology, including free time on our three cable television channels. One of our two remote streaming stations was operated by CCTV production coordinator Sean Effel.

Natasha Freidus of Creative Narrations is on site operating one of the remote streaming stations. Creative Narrations specializes in developing multimedia projects and solutions for community development.

This work would not have been possible without help from Ben Byrne of Free Press and Matt Hickey of Online Video Service, a third party streaming bandwidth and consulting service contracted to best serve the high volume of viewers for this conference.