Media Buying Guide

Media Buying Guide

This is a Media Buying guide for external hard drives and SDHC cards to be used by CCTV members.

Digital Media Buying Guide

This is a Media Buying guide for external hard drives and SDHC cards to be used by our members who are looking to purchase media that is compatible with our systems here at CCTV.

When buying external hard drives for editing, consider:

Storage capacities can be as low as 100GB, and high as 3TB. If you have lots of media or graphics files, greater storage capacity is both better and more expensive. A typical 30 minute recording at CCTV can be between 10 and 30GB. Editing can often take up 3 or 4 times the space of your final product.

Many drives feature multiple ports so that you can use it on many different computer systems. Make sure that the drive you are purchasing have a Firewire, Thunderbolt, or USB 2.0 or 3.0 port.

Video files are huge. The transfer speed of a hard drive really matters. The faster the transfer rate then the better the performance. Conventional hard drives have spinning discs inside them and we recommend using a drive with a minimum of 7200 rpm (rotations per minute). Solid state hard drives don’t have moving parts and have a very high transfer rate, but they are more expensive and store less data.

Choose a product from a major brand that has a good reputation. You can read reviews of products in advance. Additionally, I recommend to read the return policy at the store, and to check the length on the warranty before purchasing the drive/SD card.

When buying SDHC cards for recording, consider...

HD Video Camcorders

Speed (Class) Rating

For our HD video camcorders (currently JVC HM 100), the most important element to keep in mind when purchasing a SD card is the data transfer rate of the card itself. We recommend buying Class 10 cards. Any brand will work as long as it is Class 10, but CCTV carries Transcend brand cards.

Storage Capacity
As a general rule of thumb, for 16 gigs of memory, you can record about one hour of footage.

DSLR Photo and Video Cameras

Speed Rating

For our DSLR cameras (currently Canon T2i camera bodies), you will need to have a Class 6 speed rating or higher. If it doesn’t meet this requirement, video recording may stop unexpectedly.

Storage Capacity

No matter how large your memory card is, our DSLR cameras limit video clip recordings to 12 minute segments. The information below shows the overall recording time based on the highest quality movie frame size (“full HD” or 1920×1080):
• 4GB – 12min (.mov)
• 8GB – 24min (.mov)
• 16GB – 48min (.mov)
• 32GB – 96min (.mov)
• 64GB – 192min (.mov)

The information below shows the total number of images that can be recorded with the T2i based on memory card size
• 4GB – 570 images (fine) and 160 images (raw)
• 8GB – 1,140 images (fine) and 320 images (raw)
• 16GB – 2,460 images (fine) and 640 images (raw)
• 32GB – 4,920 images (fine) and 1,280 images (raw)
• 64GB – 9,840 images (fine) and 2,560 images (raw)