How To Color Correct Using Match Color in FCP X

How To Color Correct Using Match Color in FCP X

Learn how to color correct your files using match color

Stephanie wrote:
Dear Shirin,
I did a multi-camera shoot over the weekend, but unfortunately forgot to white balance both cameras. As a result, the clips shot with the main camera look perfect, but the ones shot with the secondary camera are blue/green and washed out. Is there a way that I can match the color of the clips in FCPX?


Dear Stephanie,
Yes, you can! And it is actually fairly easy to do in FCPX.
As you know already, you can always, automatically and manually color balance in FCPX. I will discuss manual white balancing in another article, but if you want to do it automatically, select the clip in the timeline that has color problems. To correct problems in exposure or color cast, select Balance Color from the Magic Wand menu. The keyboard shortcut is Option+Command+B. To disable or remove, this correction, uncheck Balance Color.
Although Auto Balance Color does a pretty good job of color correcting, for files that are too dark or saturated, you will be better off manually white balancing.

Now in order to match color between two clips -- select the clip with bad color, then, go back to the Magic Wand menu and select Match Color (see picture attached). The keyboard shortcut is Option+Command+M. Two images are displayed in the Viewer, along with a message at the bottom saying click the frame you want to match. The frame that you want to use as the source for your color match doesnt have to be in the Timeline -- you can also select it from the event browser.
Once you select a frame, the selected frame is loaded into the left side of the Viewer. Once you click on apply match (to the bottom right of the frame), the clip with the bad color on the right is immediately corrected to match the color of the master clip. I have also included a visual tutorial on Youtube that explain the whole process.

Hope this is helpful.