Cambridge Media Map

Welcome to our local Media Map. This map provides provides an interesting overview of the city by presenting local stories mapped right down to the street corner where they take place. Browse this map and the information below to survey the richness of the arts, cultures and histories of Cambridge, MA.


Newest Points on our Map

Tanina Carrabotta, Feb 14
Carmen Marsico brings the tradition of Italian dance to Cambridge.
Maurice Wilkey, Feb 14
Confused By Love film's Crosby Tatum and Jamie M. Perez sat down for an interview about the Valentine's Day screening in Boston.
Jesse Schoaf, Feb 14
"Come Play!" offers a free arcade of cardboard games for visitors to play
Peter Levine, Feb 12
Local comedy on local television
Maurice Wilkey, Feb 9
CCTV Cambridge News interviews actors Sam J. Jones production manager Harry Lohr
Jesse Schoaf, Feb 6
Errol Morris' "American Dharma" feels like a missed opportunity rather than an engaging portrait of one of America's most polarizing figures
Richard Sheingold, Feb 4
information on becoming invoved with CCTV classes and TV shows
Richard Sheingold, Feb 4
Cambridge Falcons win another game
Siobhan Bredin, Jan 31
Gathering to celebrate the completion of the three-year Envision Cambridge citywide planning process.
Peter Levine, Jan 31
Local comedians on local television
Tanina Carrabotta, Jan 26
Experience Cambridge's tasty fresh udon restaurant
Peter Levine, Jan 22
An Evening of Singer/Songwriters
Maurice Wilkey, Jan 21
CCTV Cambridge News interviews Cambridge Peace Commission Brian Corr
Peter Levine, Dec 28
Cambridge Digs DEEP is an initiative launched by Mayor Marc McGovern and Councilor Sumbul Siddiqui.
Tanina Carrabotta, Dec 17
Old school video game fun at A4cade
Tanina Carrabotta, Dec 14
Join a local shopping tradition since 1986.
Tanina Carrabotta, Nov 28
Missing the summer greenery? Check out Harvard's indoor garden.
Tanina Carrabotta, Nov 25
A stroll through the past. Visit a historic collection of neon signs.
Siobhan Bredin, Nov 22
Filmmakers’ focus on friendship with Jahar before, and their experience after the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing.
Peter Levine, Nov 7
On this episode of Cambridge Uncovered, the focus is on addiction recovery.
Siobhan Bredin, Oct 31
Infinite Present: Revelations from Islamic Design in Contemporary Art on view at Cambridge Arts Gallery 344 Through November 30.