Cambridge Media Map

Welcome to our local Media Map. This map provides provides an interesting overview of the city by presenting local stories mapped right down to the street corner where they take place. Browse this map and the information below to survey the richness of the arts, cultures and histories of Cambridge, MA.


Newest Points on our Map

Peter Levine, Jan 22
An Evening of Singer/Songwriters
Maurice Wilkey, Jan 21
CCTV Cambridge News interviews Cambridge Peace Commission Brian Corr
Peter Levine, Dec 28
Cambridge Digs DEEP is an initiative launched by Mayor Marc McGovern and Councilor Sumbul Siddiqui.
Tanina Carrabotta, Dec 17
Old school video game fun at A4cade
Tanina Carrabotta, Dec 14
Join a local shopping tradition since 1986.
Tanina Carrabotta, Nov 28
Missing the summer greenery? Check out Harvard's indoor garden.
Tanina Carrabotta, Nov 25
A stroll through the past. Visit a historic collection of neon signs.
Siobhan Bredin, Nov 22
Filmmakers’ focus on friendship with Jahar before, and their experience after the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing.
Peter Levine, Nov 7
On this episode of Cambridge Uncovered, the focus is on addiction recovery.
Siobhan Bredin, Oct 31
Infinite Present: Revelations from Islamic Design in Contemporary Art on view at Cambridge Arts Gallery 344 Through November 30.
Joanne Barrett, Oct 29
Benefit Evening of Comedy for Laughter League at Boston Children's Hospital
Peter Levine, Oct 29
Every Sunday from 4-6pm, a group of volunteers meet in Central square to campaign for an array of causes.
Beverly Mire, Oct 22
The Cambridge Homecoming Committee has scheduled a variety of events for returning alumni.
Tanina Carrabotta, Oct 9
Loud Rumbling Dragons Stomp Down Mass Ave.
Tanina Carrabotta, Sep 20
An evening of music, food, celebration and healing
Tanina Carrabotta, Sep 14
A caravan of giant puppets performs on the Cambridge Common
Tanina Carrabotta, Aug 27
Discover an unexpected place in which to spend a lazy summer day.
Tanina Carrabotta, Aug 25
Come on a behind the scene tour of the Fresh Pond water purification facility.
Kristina Kehrer, Aug 14
Persistence, Respect, Sincerity, Self-Control, and Character
Mariama Ndiaye, Aug 2
The Cambridge Jazz festival was held on July 29th in their new location; Danehy Park on a hot Sunday afternoon.
Tanina Carrabotta, Jul 31
Explore parts unseen at the Harvard Observatory.