Cambridge Media Map

Welcome to our local Media Map. This map provides provides an interesting overview of the city by presenting local stories mapped right down to the street corner where they take place. Browse this map and the information below to survey the richness of the arts, cultures and histories of Cambridge, MA.

Newest Points on our Map

Hasson J. Rashid, Oct 20
Lily Bouvier, Oct 3
Tuesday's VP debate and Sunday's Presidential debate, with analysis from DN!
Mary Holbrow, Sep 18
Event Opens Doors for Women in Need
Seth Myer, Jul 28
A series of animations created by visitors to the CCTV booth at the Cambridge Arts River Festival.
Lynette Laveau Saxe, Jul 23
Vernon Grant Day proclaimed by Cambridge Mayor and Governor of Massachusetts is July 28, 2016
Lynette Laveau Saxe, Jul 23
Emancipate Your Curves -July 24 -July 30, 2016 at BCFW
Mary Holbrow, Jul 23
Gallery 263 presents engaging program
Mary Holbrow, Jun 30
City of Cambridge celebrates Ramadan
Seth Myer, Jun 21
Testimonials from Cambridge residents about what pride means to them.
Mary Holbrow, May 20
Ceremony held in Remembrance Garden.
Natalie Minik, May 19
Cambridge Bites presents Toscanini's Ice Cream
Mary Holbrow, May 13
Recollections of old times.
Mary Holbrow, May 7
Research institution moved here from Boston in 1916
Sean Effel, Apr 1
This clip features Melissa Honig and the Watch City Steampunk Festival on May 7, 2016, 10AM-5PM, in Waltham, MA.
Sean Effel, Apr 1
Rob Halpin talks about the new Fast & Furriest 5K walk and run event taking place on May 22, 2016, in Somerville.
Mary Holbrow, Mar 15
Benefit event features soups by local chefs, bowls by local potters.
Mary Holbrow, Mar 12
Candidates speak at CNA Event at Central Square Library.
Natalie Minik, Mar 8
Cambridge Bites presents The Druid
Mary Holbrow, Feb 21
Panelists Discuss Historic Project.
Lynette Laveau Saxe, Feb 16
The Cambridge African American Heritage Alliance unveils a Story quilt at their Black History Month Cultural celebration on Feb 27, 2016.
Mary Holbrow, Feb 12
Fruit of flowering crabapple trees a mainstay for robins