Cambridge Media Map

Welcome to our local Media Map. This map provides provides an interesting overview of the city by presenting local stories mapped right down to the street corner where they take place. Browse this map and the information below to survey the richness of the arts, cultures and histories of Cambridge, MA.

Newest Points on our Map

Bimal Nepal , Jul 16
I have captured street fashion in around Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA
Bimal Nepal , Jul 16
Photos of 4th of July 2018 Celebrations
Kristina Kehrer, Jul 13
Amazon ate small businesses. Uber ate cabbies. Will “pot shops” eat your local independent pot dealer?
Bimal Nepal , Jul 6
Please check my visual story of a rain storm in Harvard Square on Friday afternoon.
Kristina Kehrer, Jul 6
"Hell no, we won't go"
Bimal Nepal , Jul 1
I have captured street fashion on Saturday afternoon in around Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA
Kristina Kehrer, Jun 26
Located in its original location since 1883, this tobacco and cigar shop has withstood the whims of time
Kristina Kehrer, Jun 18
That is what two strangers gave to the barefoot mother and jacketless child who ran out into the cold December day.
Cheryl Brown, Jun 6
Kate Spade built a "lifestyle brand" in the 1990s before the term even existed.
Helen Kobek, Jun 1
Are you overwhelmed by new parenthood? Safe Haven gives you options.
Susan Fleischmann, May 21
posting for News and Communications Coordinator
Helen Kobek, May 18
Have you ever wondered how much a carrot knows about the new city-wide Curbside Compost Program? As it turns out, quite lot!
Joanne Barrett, Jan 19
Before Gamesof Thrones, there was Richard III
Kristina Kehrer, Dec 16
Deputy Superintendent Pauline Wells
Hasson J. Rashid, Dec 12
Commonwealth Corps Members make a difference in Massachusetts!
Uche Ikpa, Oct 19
Life without compassion is hollow, hateful, unloving and lacks understanding. It is what is fueling mistrust and turbulence in US and world.
Hasson J. Rashid, Oct 10
Community Media Day is an annual celebration of voices that brings awareness to the importance of free speech and accessible media for all!
Susan Fleischmann, Sep 27
Dream Big: Democracy Matters at the Cambridge Public Library
Mary Holbrow, Sep 7
Talented young Boston area musicians have formed a democratically-run orchestra in which solo spots and conducting opportunities are shared.
Mary Holbrow, Jun 21
Work began June 19 on the iconic LaCasse painting at Micro Center
Mary Holbrow, Jun 11
Opioid issues, effects of highway improvements under discussion